VIDEO – Bella debuts her vampiric baby bump in Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer!

It’s finally happening! Bella Swan and her glittery vampire lover are gonna get hitched, settle down, and have kids on the movie screen.

Below is the first trailer, released at San Diego Comic-Con for Breaking Dawn: Part 1. It shows Jacob getting angry over Bella and Edward’s wedding invitations, glimpse at the sexy honeymoon, and Bella gawking at the beginnings of a rapidly expanding baby bump.

It’s pretty disturbing to watch a pregnancy advance so quickly, but according to Robert Pattinson, the baby bump’s got nothing on the “hardcore” birth scene (which was graphically depicted in Stephanie Meyer’s book.)

He told a Comic-Con panel (video below): “I think the birth scene… for a fantasy series that has kind of a youngish audience, it goes very far, quite hardcore, it’s quite graphic . . .There was no other way to do it.”