SNL VIDEO ‘Firelight’ Twilight spoof starring Taylor Swift from Saturday Night Live

Taylor Swift in Firelight on SNL

Taylor Swift’s charming performance on Saturday Night Live included surprisingly pleasant musical performances, numerous Kanye West references, downright cute skits and this prerecorded trailer for Firelight that pokes a little fun at the popularity of vampires and the Twilight Saga movies:

In an earlier Twilight post I mentioned that Taylor Lautner’s portrayal of a werewolf had the potential of rescuing lycanthrope fans from the horror movie fandom dungpile and that the only ones lower than werewolf fans were the diehard mummy fans. I forgot about the Frankensteiners! It brought back memories of those funny skits on SNL starring the broken English holy trinity of Frankenstein’s monster, Tarzan and Tonto. Here they are wishing you a merry merry Christmas:

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