Robpoon: Robert Pattinson is crashing at Reese Witherspoon’s pad

Most of us have been there man. You get your heart stomped on, things fall apart and you find yourself crashing at a friend’s place just to get your head straight. If you’re Robert Pattinson this doesn’t mean an uncomfortable night on the cheese puff covered couch of your old college roommate. It just requires you to head on over to Water For Elephant’s co-star Reese Witherspoon’s pad in Ojai.

Before all of you start any kind of Robpoon (that sounds nasty) rumors, Reese is happily married to talent agent Jim Toth. The two are expecting a baby so maybe Rob could do a little side work as the world’s most famous manny to pay off some rent! In fact the two had their wedding ceremony at the estate in question.

Here’s a view of where Robert’s been mending his broken heart:

The home sits on 6 acres of rolling green pastures and includes four bedrooms and a separate guest house when friends like Rob are in need. It used to be owned by Ghostbusters director Harold Ramis. It’s informally known as Libby Ranch.

It’s hard to go through being cheated on but at least Rob has friends with guest houses to help him out.

Top Photo: PNP/