PHOTO Grizzly bear uses a soft shoulder sign as a back scratcher

Grizzly bear uses a soft shoulder sign as a scratching post

In a brand new, completely re-imagined interpretation of “bear trap” a grizzly bear in Denali National Park in Alaska looks downright enticing while scratching an itch on a soft shoulder road sign.

Photographer Chris Perry said the bear appeared to be enjoying himself so much he almost snapped the fragile signpost in two. The 47-year-old snapped the incredible shots while visiting Denali National Park. He said: “Sometimes getting the right shot takes a lot of planning, good equipment and a lot patience.”

I dunno if this shot required much planning or good equipment, although perhaps patience could have been an integral element.

I’m thinking this grizzly is smarter than your average bear and this is all just a marketing ploy to sell a line of street sign themed teddy bears. I did a little research and found this little feller on Cafe Press:

Soft Shoulder teddy bear from Cafe Press

Coincidence? Could be. But if it’s not, I’d like to suggest another bear/sign mash-up for those who like a little more subtlety:

Grizzly bear scratches his back on a bear left street sign

(For those with an aversion to subtlety, the sign above is a “bear left” sign.)

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