Tiger Woods’ madam Michelle Braun arrested for securities fraud

madam Michelle Braun securities fraud
Michelle Braun, the Hollywood madam who famously claimed she supplied Tiger Woods with expensive escorts up for three-ways and other adventures has been busted in Florida for another foray into crime: securities fraud.

Braun (33) was picked up at her house in Delray Beach, Florida yesterday (June 21, 2011) and charged with multiple felonies including organized fraud, selling fraudulent securities, sale of unregistered securities, and working a unregistered securities dealer. She spent the day in a Ft. Lauderdale jail yesterday, and was released on $41,000 bail.

The 1st degree felony case was filed June 7, 2011, with the offense date for four fraud counts listed as June 1, 2009.

2009 mug shot Michelle braun

Hollywood Madam Michelle Braun's 2009 mug shot

The 33-year-old mother of two is on a three-year probation after serving 6 months of house arrest for pleading guilty in 2009 for one count of money laundering, and one count of transporting a woman over state lines for prostitution. These counts were part of a plea deal after she was busted for running an $8.5 million escort companies in L.A. and Miami that serviced the likes of Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen and Courtney Love (that’s right, Courtney Love!) On the day of her sentencing in 2009, she reportedly posted on celebrity law blog rosespeaks.com that she “wasn’t worried about making more money that is always something easy to do if you are smart, like her.”  Looks like Braun is making an example for us all that easy money (i.e. illegal) catches up with you in the end.

Around the time of her 2009 sentencing, she also claimed to be writing a tell-all book about the escort business, with a main objective to “take-down” Hugh Hefner and Playboy’s PR cultivated myth that “the pin-ups are wholesome girls-next-door who just happen to have incredible figures they don’t mind showing off.”

So far, nothing has come of the book, but maybe she’ll have more time to write in white-collar prison.