Tiffany Trump, the ‘wild card daughter’ of Campaign 2016, set for college graduation and points unknown

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Did Tiffany Trump go to college? Donald Trump’s youngest daughter has attracted attention for being one of the infamous Rich Kids of Instagram–and for her occasional partying ways. But the 22-year-old is set to graduate from her father’s alma mater after a supposedly successful four-year run; after that, her plans remain up in the air, though her status as the so-called “wild card” of this election cycle seems all but assured.

Tiffany, who was allegedly named after the famous department store, raised in Calabasas CA by her mother, Marla Maples. Four years ago, Tiffany headed east, to matriculate at the University of Pennsylvania. And, this year, she’ll graduate from the University’s prestigious Wharton School of Business, the list of alumni for which includes one Donald J. Trump. Though Tiffany doesn’t update her social media accounts as frequently as some of her more prolific peers, she has shared three school-specific updates from this past academic year:

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Beyond that, it seems her most frequent updates involve the occasional helping hand with her father’s presidential campaign. She’s appeared onstage with her family a handful of times…

…and was one of only two of her father’s children to both register and vote for him when it came time for her state’s primary:

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As for what comes next, it looks like Tiffany is keeping things loose. Though she recently had her first-ever job interview–at an undisclosed New York location–neither Tiffany nor her mother Marla have yet announced where she’ll be heading next. Speculation is currently widespread that Tiffany intends to take a post-college gap year, much like Malia Obama’s forthcoming pre-college year, in order to help with her father’s campaign.

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