Thomas Beatie/Tracy LaGondino is pregnant with his third child

Thomas Beatie is a transgendered man who may be addicted to being pregnant. Not even three years from the first time Thomas Beatie first got pregnant, he is expecting his third child with wife Nancy and their sperm donors. (via MomLogic)

Beatie gave birth to a baby girl, Susan June 29, 2008, and a baby boy (name unknown) June 9, 2009. Thomas Beatie made news headlines in 2008 when he announced he was a pregnant transgendered man. Beatie’s name was originally Tracy LaGondino, and he was once an attractive beauty queen from Hawaii. When Beatie underwent his transgender transformation he had his chest reconstructed, but chose to not harm his reproductive organs. He told Oprah that he was able to have intercourse with his wife Nancy because testosterone had caused his clitoris to grow into a small penis.

Nancy has reportedly breastfed the babies.

Here’s a pic of Thomas Beatie when he was Tracy:


And a baby bump pic from his latest pregnancy, hop over to MomLogic for more:

Thomas Beatie pregnant with his third child, with wife Nancy

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