The Voice Week 4 recap: Back to battling

Cee Lo Green Christina AGuilera Adam Levine and Blake Shelton The Voice promo

The coaches are starting to whittle down their teams in the battle rounds of The Voice.  I wish the show would have provided more detail and background or had some sort of rules as to who faces who but now that the shows are just an hour once a week I understand that they have to get to those performances.

Last week Tim Mahoney from Adam’s team, Tyler Robinson from Blake’s team, Niki Dawson from Cee Lo’s team and Tarralyn Ramsey from Christina’s team got sent home.  Lets get back to it and as I do each week I’ll provide you the opportunity to let your voice be heard in our on going poll of who our readers believe is the team to beat.  Round 2. lets rock-n-roll!

Adam Levine The Voice

Last week Adam had Tim Mahoney and Casey Weston duet on “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley with a sultry Weston coming out on top.  So as of this week here is Adam’s roster:

Jeff Jenkins
Rebecca Loebe
Javier Colon
Angela Wolff
Devon Barley
Casey Weston – Defeated Tim Mahoney in battle round 1
Casey Desmond

This week coach Levine selected Javier Colon and Angela Wolff to work with and against each other.  Adam felt his song choice would favor Wolff and during the coach up Adam asked Javier to do more with less; to have vocal discipline.

They performed: “Stand by Me by Ben E. King

Who went home: Angela Wolff

Blake Shelton The Voice

With the help of none other than Reba McEntire Blake Shelton selected country boy Patrick Thomas and outed Tyler Robinson last week to square off against each other with the Elvis classic “Burning Love.” In the end Blake stayed country homer and Patrick won. Blake’s current roster:

Patrick Thomas – defeated Tyler Robinson in battle round 1
Xenia Martinez
Dia Frampton
Sara Oromchi
Jared Blake

This week coach Blake selected Elenowen and Jared Blake to meet in the middle and sing it out.  Jared was the last member to make Blake’s team and he was worried there was nothing beautiful about what he brings as opposed to Elenowen’s veteran harmonies.

They performed: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye

Who went home: Elenowen

Cee-Lo Green The Voice

Mr. Green said F-You and F-You too to Vicci Martinez and Nikki Dawson during battle round week 1 as he had these two vibrant ladies go after Pink’s “F**kin’ Perfect.”  He struggled with his decision but felt there was just something about Vicci he had to see more of.   Cee Lo’s current roster:

Kelsey Rey
Vicci Martinez – defeated Nikki Dawson in battle round week 1
Tje Austin
Emily Valentine
Curtis Grimes
Tori and Taylor Thompson

This week Green and his assistant Monica let Tje Austin and Nakia battle it out.  It was kind of a gentle vs. aggressive match-up in Green’s opinion.  Tje went with the hold it back during the training theory while Nakia was just up front and Cee Lo hammered home the need to feel the tune.  It was a Lone Star state show down, actually a keep it weird Austin match-up!

They performed: “Closer” by Nee-Yo

Who went home: Tje Austin

Christina Aguilera The Voice

XTina let two powerhouse vocalists get after it last week as she paired up American Idol vet Frenchie Davis and soul singer Tarralyn Ramsey to do their best with Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).”  Christina felt Frenchie was the most consistent.   Aguilera’s roster:

Frenchie Davis – defeated Tarralyn Ramsey in battle round 1
Beverly McClellan
Cherie Oakley
Raquel Castro
Julie Eason
Justin Grennan
Lily Elise

For week 2 of the battle rounds Miss “Dirty” vied Beverly McClellan and Justin Grennan against each other.  Christina thought the two matched up and went with a song that would test their strong vocals.  Grennan didn’t know the tune and it was in McClellan’s wheel-house but he was given the freedom to be soulful with it by his coach.

They performed:  “Baba O’Rileyby The Who

Who went home: Beverly McClellan

With the battle rounds half over and the teams now at 6 members it’s time for you to cast your vote again for which team you think has the best chance of producing The Voice. Drop that remote and vote!