10 facts about 16 and Pregnant’s Cleondra Carter

Cleondra Carter photo from 16 and Pregnant

On Tuesdays I normally provide a background post about the star of that night’s episode of 16 and Pregnant – thanks in large part to these girls being social media mavens, which provides lots of information to work with. Unfortunately, this week’s mom – 18-year-old Cleondra Carter of Norn Lake, Mississippi – was a little slow to the social media game and as a result there just wasn’t enough information to put together any sort of biographical overview.

So instead I thought I might employ the age-old blogging tactic of a list of ten – in this case a list of ten facts about Cleondra Carter! Now don’t be too saddened by the news, because if you read through the ten things you will discover there are numerous facts lumped together, so you’re actually gonna make out like a bandit with superfluous information all over the place! (You already know her age and where she’s from and we haven’t even started the list yet – see what I mean?)

First off, let’s take a gander at Cleondra’s preview clip for her episode featuring her and boyfriend Mario in a very tense lunch meeting in which both parents seem to be severely stressed out and at the end of their ropes:

Now, on with the list!

16 and Pregnant Cleondra Carter and her daughter Kylee photo

1. Cleondra Carter’s daughter’s name is Kylee

I realize this fact isn’t very Earth-shattering, especially given the fact that Kylee’s birthday, weight and length are nowhere to be found, but once the episode airs I will be able to update with all of that info and it will make sense that I had to lead off with the 411 on super cutie Kylee! Oh, and Cleondra affectionately refers to her daughter as Kylee-Bear.

UPDATE – Kylee Sue was born November 29, 2010 and weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces!
Cleondra's boyfriend and baby daddy Mario Escovedo from 16 and Pregnant

2. Kylee’s father is Mario Escovedo

Mario and Cleondra have been dating for three-and-a-half years and live across the street from each other in Horn Lake, Mississippi – which is essentially a suburb south of Memphis, Tennessee. Mario works as a tire technician at Knight Transportation (more on that later) and looks remarkably like Chris Brown with facial hair. (Which makes sense given the fact that Cleondra is a big Chris Brown fan!)
Cleondra Carter and the Horn Lake High School dance team

3. Cleondra is a great dancer!

Or at least I assume she is because she was a member of the Horn Lake High School dance team, which is consistently in the Top Five nationally in the National Dance Alliance small varsity pom and hip hop competitions. Above is a group photo of the dance team from their web site which lists Cleondra’s name along side so I assume she’s in the picture. (I’m pretty sure I see her but I didn’t want to completely goof by misidentifying her!)

And just so you know how good this team really is, here’s a video of the Horn Lake High School dance team competing at the 2009 NDA Nationals. (They took home third place in the pom division for this routine)

(I’m not certain if Cleondra was a participant on that team or not – perhaps she will be kind enough to leave a comment and let us know!)

4. Cleondra is Puerto Rican, white and black

Or at least that’s how she responded to the question, “hi Cleo just wondering what is ur nationality?” on Twitter.

UPDATE – It turns out her Twitter account was a fake. See the links below for her real Twitter account.
Cleondra Carter's sister is rapper ZeMonroe from Memphis

5. Cleondra’s older sister is singer ZeMonroe

Based in Memphis, Zerica is a rap singer affiliated with Teddy B Promotions who goes by the stage name ZeMonroe. On her Twitter account (which is private?) she bills herself as “the new MONROE of the NEW MEMPHIS.” According to her Facebook page she will soon be releasing Beauty and the Beats Mixtape Vol.1 hosted by Rick of PBZ. Let’s hope she has that ready to go before tonight!
16 and Pregnant's Mario Escovedo shows off his scar while at the doctor's office with daughter Kylee

6. Mario just had surgery this week

The procedure was a skin graft taking skin from his inner thigh and moving it to his calf because of an injury sustained when his leg was hit by a tire rim, which I assume happened while he was working as a tire technician at Knight Transportation. The injury was pretty severe, as you can tell from the above photo of Mario taken at the hospital (with daughter Kylee).

7. Cleondra works and goes to school full time

It appears as though we can put Cleondra on the Super Teen Mom list as the youngster is scheduled to complete high school this month even though she is a single mother who also has a full time job! (I wasn’t able to figure out what her job is – perhaps that will be revealed on the show tonight and I can update the post.) According to her Facebook page, Cleondra intends on furthering her schooling after high school.

8. Mario’s mom owns her own cleaning service

Her name is Maria and according to info online she runs Maria’s Cleaning Service located in Horn Lake, Mississippi. Perhaps this will mean Cleondra won’t have to worry about house-training Mario! (Or maybe the opposite is true?)
Cleondra Carter from 16 and Pregnant has a blog called Cleondra Carter's World

9. Cleondra has a blog

Though she was a little late in getting the social media ball rolling compared to the other girls of 16 and Pregnant Season 3, Cleondra has since expanded her virtual presence considerably, including a tumblr blog called “CLEONDRA CARTER’S WORLD.” The blog only has one entry, but perhaps after her episode airs she will share her more lengthy commentary on the site. As far as her other web identities, here is a list:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cleondra.kylee
Twitter: http://twitter.com/CleondraCarter
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/CLEONDRACARTER
Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/cleondracarter
Blog: http://cleondracarter.tumblr.com/

UPDATE – As it turns out, most of the links above are fake (except Facebook) – created by someone who is not Cleondra in an attempt to fool really dumb bloggers like myself. Here are the only real links (at least I think they’re real):

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cleondra.kylee
Twitter: http://twitter.com/@hotmama_2k10


10. Cleondra prefers luxury yachts to private jets

Or at least she would prefer to own a luxury yacht instead of a private jet according to her answer to a rather bizarre question on Formspring. (OK, I admit it. I ran out of things for the list! There were some other less obviously silly things I could have put in at number ten but I thought being obvious was the way to go. I’m sure there will be something on the episode that will make for a better number 10 so check back afterward and see what replaces this valuable luxury transportation preference fact!)

UPDATE – Well, according to numerous commenters my obscure fact to round out the list of ten is based on a tweet from a fake Twitter account! And since the Twitter account is fake, that also means her blog is fake because it links to the Twitter account. Also, Cleondra’s comment about ethnicity is out as well. So, in essence, all of you readers got jipped! Instead of a list of ten facts about Cleondra Carter you got a list of seven plus a few worthless tidbits based entirely on the product of identity theft. (There goes my Pulitzer Prize!)

From the looks of things we might have a rare positive baby daddy situation, which hasn’t been a theme this season – with Jordan Ward’s husband Brian Finder being the exception. These two have been together for a loooooooong time and from all indications they are still together. They seem to have the support of their families as well, so maybe Cleondra’s voice-over at the end will be a positive one!

Tune in to find out by watching Cleondra Carter’s episode of 16 and Pregnant tonight at 10/9c on MTV!

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