THE ULTIMATUM Are Colby and Madlyn married? Is she pregnant?! SPOILERS

The Ultimatum Colby and Madlyn

In a cast full of controversial and buzz-worthy couples, The Ultimatum‘s Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori are perhaps the most talked about since Netflix dropped the first eight episodes of the show last week.

25-year-old Colby gave the ultimatum as he was more than ready to settle down with his college sweetheart. However, 24-year-old Madlyn isn’t quite sold on the concept of there “only being one person for everybody.” After a dramatic selection process, Madlyn winds up with Randall and Colby kind of defaulted to a match with April.

So, what was the end result? Did Madlyn and Colby wind up together at the end of The Ultimatum? Did they choose their on-screen partner? Did they walk away from the show single?

UPDATE – Colby and Madlyn revealed on The Ultimatum finale and reunion episodes that Madlyn was pregnant and that they got married!

Colby and Madlyn Spoilers

It appears that Colby and Madlyn’s appearance only strengthened their relationship — in a MAJOR way! According to lots of evidence online, the couple are not only married, but they had a baby!

We will start with the Colby and Madlyn marriage evidence. It’s important to note that The Ultimatum looks to have filmed in Austin, Texas from March to May of 2021. In July of 2021, the Outfitter Expert Instagram page shared a photo of Colby and Madlyn with a couple of VERY large fish they caught together.

“I would say Colby & Madlyn Kissinger first time deep sea fishing was a success!” the caption begins. “Caught a Marlin & Mahi Mahi out of the Sea of Cortez in San Lucas Cabo, Mexico. They said it took a 45min fight before pulling the fish into the boat.”

Making a surname assumption is not uncommon, but Outfitter Expert was founded by Colby, his sister, and his brother-in-law. So, I believe it is reasonable to take the caption as evidence — though not a smoking gun by any means.

Outfitter Expert’s first Instagram photo features the three founders mentioned above. It was posted in June of 2021 and it certainly appears as though Colby is wearing a gold wedding band on his left ring finger.

Meanwhile, Madlyn posted a photo of herself on February 28 of this year in which she also looks to be wearing a ring on her left ring finger. Here are the two photos:

The Ultimatum Colby and Madlyn married? Wedding ring photos!

Oh, and Madlyn’s LinkedIn profile was recently under the name Madlyn Kissinger, according to Google cache. It has since been deleted.

I should also add that Madlyn posted a photo on June 14 that was taken in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. That lines up with the Outfitter Expert fishing photo, and the timing sure seems right for a honeymoon!

The evidence above still isn’t much of a smoking gun, but this next photo looks like it might be exactly that. It’s a screen shot from Colby’s Instagram stories that was posted by his mother on Facebook on September 28.

In the photo, Colby and Madlyn are standing together in semi-formal attire in front of a sunset. “My beautiful wife!” Colby wrote on the image, as well as Madlyn’s Instagram ID. Once again, Madlyn appears to have a wedding and/or engagement ring on her left hand. Unfortunately, Colby’s left hand is not visible.

The Ultimatum Madlyn and Colby married

It’s unclear when or where the photo was taken. It appears that Colby posted it to his stories just 11 hours prior to his mom screen capping it, but the photo could have been from a while ago.

Was Madlyn pregnant? Did she have a baby?

In addition to the reports and evidence suggesting that Colby and Madlyn got married, there are also rumors that Madlyn got pregnant soon after filming The Ultimatum, and she has since given birth to the couple’s first child!

There are multiple posts on reddit from people claiming to know either Madlyn or Colby that state they are married and have a child. One redditor claims to have early access to The Ultimatum Reunion and shared this spoiler on April 6:

Y’all. FYI : this is a spoiler from AFTER the show and during reunion.

I was wondering why Madlyns social media seemed like it hadn’t been updated. No real pictures past the ultimatum. Come to find out she’s pregnant!! Her and Colby are having a baby girl. I’m high key shocked cause they seemed like the least stable couple to me. They ended up getting engaged and then married immediately after which leads me to believe she might’ve already been pregnant! Either way very shocking. Oh also wanted to add her and Colby got engaged and then married immediately after on the show which makes me think she had just found out she was pregnant.

Edit: at the time of the reunion being filmed she was 7 months

In addition to the spoiler post mentioned above, there were other redditors sleuthing out photos of Madlyn on social media in which she appears to have a baby bump. Unfortunately, someone was policing reddit very closely and every post that was mentioned was immediately deleted!

One of the images was screen capped and re-posted, but it’s really dark and hard to tell. Below is another yet-to-be-deleted image posted in October. Madlyn is seen from the front in the picture, but she certainly could be pregnant here:

The Ultimatum Madlyn pregnant maybe

A somewhat more diligent sleuth noticed that one of Madlyn’s Instagram stories filmed at her house included a bottle of Dapple soap used for cleaning baby bottles and what appears to be an empty baby bottle. Here’s a screen cap from the story, originally posted by Madlyn just last month:

The Ultimatum Madlyn baby bottle

The pregnancy rumor doesn’t have quite as much evidence as the marriage rumor, but personally I believe them both to be true. To find out for sure, tune in for The Ultimatum Season 1 finale and Reunion when they both drop on Wednesday, April 13, at 3AM EST, 12AM PST!

UPDATE – Netflix teased this baby announcement on Instagram:

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