THE SINGLE LIFE Danielle built up a wall after Mohamed publicly shamed her about private issues

During a 90 Day Fiancé tell-all in 2016, Danielle Mulling’s ex-husband Mohamed Jbali said awful things about Danielle’s private parts. It was an absolutely humiliating and cripplingly immature thing to do and unfortunately, his words hurt Danielle years later. On tonight’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Danielle opened up to her friends that she’s built a wall since those comments and still hasn’t been intimate with anyone else.

“Ever since Mohamed said those things talkin’ about the way someone smells, or what they do down there, I built a wall up,” Danielle reveals.

Danielle then spoke about how Mohamed said that no man would ever want to sleep with her, and those words stuck.

“It was so awful,” her friend said. “Like, no one ever deserves to be talked to like that. What an a*******.”

Danielle breaks into tears as she says she can’t believe Mohamed even went that low. “That’s why I haven’t really took dating serious and I tried to stay close to home because it has affected the way I see men and dating,” Danielle opened up.

Danielle says he has never apologized for what he said that day.

Her friend comforted her and told the cameras that she thinks Danielle is a “prisoner of her own insecurities,” and that she needs to release some of the emotions she has around this painful time.

She also advises Danielle to have a conversation with Mohamed about how much what he said hurt. Danielle agrees, and now has a plan to confront Mohamed about these terrible things he said about her so she can hopefully move past it.

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