THE SINGLE LIFE Colt tells Jess he cheated on her with Vanessa

Colt Johnson’s storyline in 90 Day: The Single Life revolves around his half-hearted effort to find love despite the fact that he’s in love with Vanessa Guererro, who’s his friend-with-benefits. Vanessa seems reluctant to fully commit to Colt, however, because of how he lied to his ex Jess Caroline Hanvey about cheating on her with Vanessa. During tonight’s episode of the show Colt and Vanessa confess to Jess their betrayal of her trust. It doesn’t go well.

Jess is now married to husband Brian Hanvey, but of course she is still upset to find out that Colt was unfaithful for most of their relationship.

In the scene Vanessa starts out the confession by bluntly stating “We started having sex about a month after you guys started dating.” Colt steps in to clarify it started after he “came back from Chicago.”

“So you lied to me all the time?” a very heated Jess asks. “I no deserve that,” she says in interview. “I no needed that. I deserve better.”

Jess goes on to say that she felt “crazy” when she was dating Colt and she always felt like she was in the wrong. Now, she knows she wasn’t “crazy,” and her intuition was right about Colt. “He’s cheating me,” she says. “He used me. I’m right all the time.”

She also told Colt that he messed with her “mentally” by lying to her constantly. She says she developed trust issues because of him.

“I kept a lot from you,” Colt says before adding “Vanessa helped.”

He also offered up an apology: “I”m sorry that I hurt you.”

Vanessa also apologized to Jess for sleeping with Colt when he was with Jess. “I feel horrible about it,” Vanessa says.

Jess says she doesn’t hate Vanessa, even though she called her a b!tch when she was angry. “The problem wis you,” Jess says as she points her finger directly at Colt.

Jess’s husband Brian then joins in calling a fake and a liar and starts dropping a ton of f-bombs. In interview Brian laughs as he says that Colt’s “weirder than he thought” and asks his wife why she fell for his bs.

Jess tells Vanessa that Colt’s going to cheat of her too. “Open you eyes,” she says.

Still, Vanessa thinks Colt is going to change. She says it’s hard to hear Jess ay that, however, because she’s still not sure he won’t cheat on her.

Jess also boasts that her husband Brian makes her orgasm, which implies that Colt did not.

Colt expected Jess to forgive him if he owned up to her, but he still feels closure for the situation and he hopes that the confession proved to Vanessa that she can trust him.

Colt and Vanessa secretly got married in February, 2021.

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