The real reason Jon Gosselin doesn’t want money Kate Gosselin owes him

Jon Gosselin has a new life, and it doesn’t include any contact with ex wife Kate Gosselin.

The Jon and Kate Plus 8 stars have been in a bitter child custody battle for 14 years, but Jon is happy to leave it all behind in order to pursue his career as DJ. This is why he is ‘euphoric’ even if it means he doesn’t get the money that is owed to him.

John and Kate Plus 8

John and Kate Plus 8 was a reality series on TLC that began in 2007. Over its 4 seasons, we got to know the Gosselin family, comprised of Jon, Kate, Mady, Collin, Cara, Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Joel and Alexis.

In 2009 the family split up, when Jon and Kate decided to get divorced. The dissolution of their marriage was similar to their partnership – chaotic and full of disagreements.

Because Kate Gosselin went on to pursue other projects in the spotlight (like her spin off Kate Plus 8) she became the richer of the two… resulting in her owing ex Jon Gosselin child support for the last 14 years.

DJ Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin chose a life slightly less private… seemingly disappearing for years until resurfacing with a new career as a Disc Jockey.

Gosselin has been working as a DJ since 2015, something he is still actively doing as of just this month. Performing in Reading, Pennsylvania, the reality star looked happy and content at a gig on his birthday.

He even has new music out, a song called “Voicemail” featuring @djcasperdjc. While this choice seems to be super fulfilling for Jon, it’s pretty apparent that the income is nothing like that of his reality star ex-wife Kate Gosselin.

Gosselin custody battle

Jon and Kate Gosselin have been embroiled in a custody battle for nearly 14 years. A fight Jon tells The US Sun he’s happy to put an end to:

It’s been 14 years of court and now it is finally over. Domestic Relations wanted to have a hearing, which they do every three years to reevaluate income and I just called my attorney and said ‘Please, let’s just put this to bed. So we’ve both signed termination agreements over the two remaining open child support cases, which means it’s done. It’s over. Kate owed me some arrears but I have forgiven them, because I just want to be done with it. I feel euphoric, it’s finally over, I don’t have to deal with her, with court hearings, lawyers – it’s done. I can get on with my life, it’s such a good feeling. I don’t even think it’s sunk in yet because I’ve been going to court for so long. The thing in these cases is that there’s no winning. The only winners are the lawyers. The kids always lose out- it’s not a soccer match, there’s never a winner. But now I’m finally moving on with my life.

Jon Gosselin would clearly rather live his life as a DJ than ever see Kate again, and honestly, we don’t blame him.

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