PHOTOS Jon Gosselin watches as the children play in the yard with the nanny

Alexis Gosselin and Aaden Gosselin

I’ve realized that the Jon “Gosselin versus Kate Gosselin” debate is about like voting for president most years. People mostly belong to either of two camps that won’t waiver too much, and those that are undecided have to determine which candidate is the least horrible. But, we forget about the eight little independent candidates!

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Leah Gosselin wrestles with the nannyLeah Gosselin learns how to ride a bike

Joel Gosselin Alexis Gosselin and Aaden GosselinAaden Gosselin and Alexis Gosselin

Alexis GosselinAlexis Gosselin on the steps

The Gosselin children and the nanny

Is it just me or are these kids pretty damned awesome?!? I know what we see on TLC is edited to show them in the best light possible, but even with that bias it seems like they are emotionally healthy, happy little gals and dudes with empowered senses of wonder. (Sense of wonders? Sense of wonder?)

Looking at these photos of the children playing happily with a nanny that isn’t having sex with their daddy (I’m sure Radar Online will have a confession from her next week) reminded me of the Jon and Kate Plus Eight good ol’ days. Hey – I just had an idea! They should film School of Rock 2 with Jack Black as the Gosselin tutor! Jack’s character would repeatedly get caught in the middle of the Jon and Kate war and would constantly be spurning the sexual advances of a tipsy Jon. I’d pay $8 to see that!

I suppose I would be a bad journalist if I didn’t also include a couple of the handful of Jon photos in the set. So, here’s Jon with his arms crossed, parenting from afar and then a picture of Jon teaching Hannah and Aaden how not to wear a helmet:

Hannah Gosselin, Aaden Gosselin and Jon GosselinJon Gosselin

Photos: Brian Flannery/

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