The Bachelor spoilers: Is Brad Womack engaged to final pick?

UPDATE – It looks like Reality Steve was wrong about the below information. CLICK HERE to find out more!

If  you’ve been on the internet or read a tabloid or entertainment magazine recently, you know who Brad Womack picked during his second shot on The Bachelor (thanks to Reality Steve.)

He’s been telling the press that he is “in love” and “very happy,” but RS didn’t confirm the status of the relationship until now. Today he published a post stating

I can report to you with 100% absolute certainty that Brad and Chantal are engaged.

As Reality Steve notes, this shouldn’t be too big of a shocker, considering the way this season has been promoted, but people were still wondering if Brad would still be a bit gun-shy this season (or if the girl would) and just decide to “take a chance on a relationship,” or something like that.

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Reality Steve is pretty defensive this season over criticisms that he got the ending wrong to Ali Fedowsky’s Bachelorette season (he claimed that she would pick no one but she ended up with Roberto Martinez, and they are currently still engaged); but he was right on the money with The Bachelor 14. There’s not any indication that we have had The Bachelor 15 successfully spoiled.

Some Bachelor fans are annoyed by RS and his spoilers, but others embrace the knowledge and use it to enjoy the show a different way: by analyzing the editing, looking for clues about how the “love story” is developing, and other little things. They turn it, in a way, into an interactive show that involves RS, the producers and editors of The Bachelor, message boards, and friends and family. It’s a pretty fun concept when you think about what The Bachelor has actually evolved into.

Photo credit: ABC