TEEN MOM Simon Saran continues to shade the world


Simon Saran continues to spit fire on social media.

The notorious, next-level Teen Mom troll and on-again, off-again, forever-somewhere-in-between, maybe romantic interest of Farrah Abraham has been busy shading everything in his path. Some of his recent shares are pretty revealing, so we wanted to round them up in one place for a big ol’ #SimonSays.

Call out of producers with Teen Mom:

In a previous post about the reports surrounding the struggles of Ryan Edwards, we mentioned that Simon levied a serious accusation against a producer:


The producer in question was tagged in retweets of this but she’s yet to respond. (You can find out more about her in our previous write up here.) Ex-girlfriend Dalis Connell revealed that Ryan previously went to rehab, and she stated that his problem at the time was with Roxycodone, which comes in pill form.

Simon also claims he’s owed money by the show, and he followed that up by posting a text stream in which he appears to have been offered a little pay-for-play, as they say:


Crying laughing face indeed…

Call out of Are You the One’s Asaf Goren going on a TV “date” with Farrah Abraham:


Asaf eventually picked up what Simon was laying down and replied, “Say it infront of my face and will see kid ..don’t be an insecure child ..u better than that .. or u just jealous,” to which Simon retorted:


And when Asaf, who probably didn’t know about the powerful trollegery of his counterpart, asked why Simon seemed so threatened, Saran had this to tweet:


Yet Asaf persisted…but all us TM fans know that Simon’s gonna get the last word:


We’re guessing Asaf will learn sooner than later to stop @ing Simon…

Response to the news that noted enemy Matt Baier was a no show at his book signing:


Simon’s implication that “daddy” Matt’s a pedophile was the spark that instigated Amber Portwood’s attempted smack of Farrah Abraham at the reunion show.

That’s a Saran wrap until next time!