TEEN MOM Madisen Beith’s dad Nick marries Christina! Wedding photos and video!

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Madisen Beith's dad Nick and Christina are married wedding photo

The happily ever after for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Madisen Beith’s dad Nick and girlfriend fiancée wife Christina is on fast forward! Less than three weeks after Nick and Christina announced their engagement, the two officially got married!

Madisen was the first to break the news about the wedding with a wonderful video from the ceremony posted on her Instagram account on Wednesday. The roughly 20-minute clip features multiple dances with Nick and his new bride. Madisen’s daughter Camille even joins grandpa and grandma for a turn on the dance floor!

Here’s the video:

Moments ago, Madisen and Christina both shared wedding photos taken by Rustic Design Photography. Here’s Madisen’s gallery post followed by her caption:

🦋Butterfly fly away, butterfly fly away
We’ve been waiting for this day
All along and knowing just what to do
Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly, butterfly fly away🦋

I am so proud to call this beautiful woman my step-mom! Dad really hit the lottery with this one.

Also just want to give @rustic_design_photography a HUGE shoutout! Thank you so much for being a part of this special day, we appreciate you so much. With that being said, go like & follow @rustic_design_photography & if you’re in NE Ohio hit her up for all of your photoshoot needs! She’s absolutely AMAZING! Even Camille LOVED her 🥰

Christina shared a single image with a simple caption expressing her gratitude to the photographer. Unfortunately, Christina’s Instagram account is private, so I can’t embed her post. However, Rustic Design Photography shared a gallery of photos from the wedding which includes the image posted by Christina. It’s the very last photo when you swipe through:

Rustic Design Photography’s caption for the gallery:

Check out this preview from Nick & Christina’s intimate wedding ceremony! Recognize Nick? He’s the well-loved father of @madisen.paige from the @mtv series 16&Pregnant and @teenmom Young&Pregnant! Sorry ladies, he’s officially off the market!

Special thanks to this amazing family for welcoming me to their home and property to photograph these moments!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Nick and Christina! As I stated in our previous article about their engagement, I’m a huge fan and I’m really rooting for the entire Beith family!

On an unfortunate side note for other fans of the Beith family, it appears as though they will not be back on the current season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. Madisen has passed the baton to new mom Kayla J, and every indication is that Madisen is done. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup revealed this week that the show has been renewed for another season, so perhaps we could see the Beiths (including Christina Beith) next season? 🤞

The decision by producers to cut Madisen is perplexing to me because I really thought their relocation story line was a refreshing feel-good addition to the show. Not only did they (apparently) miss out on Nick and Christina’s wedding, but also Madisen and Camille’s dad Christian getting back together! That’s right, Christian has reportedly made the move to Ohio and he and Madisen are giving their relationship another go! Dang you MTV!

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