RHOBH Why Sutton Stracke’s boyfriend broke up with her on Valentine’s Day

Boutique owner Sutton Stracke, who has been inspired to take the LSAT because of her costar Erika Girardi marital and legal issues, revealed the cold way her realtor boyfriend Michael Mahoney broke up with her on Valentine’s Day, 2021.

On Part 1 of the Season 11 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Sutton explained that she and Michael had parted ways. His reason? Sutton says he told her “I just can’t” during Valentine’s Day weekend.

Sutton introduced her boyfriend Michael to the RHOBH audience in Season 10. She had met him online despite her fears of being sex trafficked if she looked for love digitally. They have always lived separately.

Sutton is now just “dating” casually for the first time in her life. When she said this during the reunion, Erika Girardi, who just a few minutes before had announced that she was on the prowl for a big d**k and hot sex condescendingly asked Sutton “Who are you dating?” Sutton didn’t reveal any answers, preferring to keep discreet.

This isn’t the first time Sutton has been broken up with on a special day. Her ex-husband Christian Stracke filed for divorce on her birthday without telling her he did so. He bought her cake and celebrated with her despite the fact that he knew he’d set wheels in motion to dissolve their marriage. They were separated at the time, but Sutton had no idea that the separation was permanent.

To bring further tragedy to holidays, her father killed himself two days before Christmas. It’s a wonder that Sutton doesn’t have PTSD about birthdays and holidays after all of this.

PHOTO credit Michael Mahoney’s Instagram

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