VIDEO PHOTOS Sneak Peek of Teen Mom Leah Messer and Corey Simms’ wedding day

Teen Mom Leah Messer Corey Simms wedding photo

Season 1 of Teen Mom 2 has featured an onslaught of life serving up hard knocks and hard lessons for our 4 young mothers.  From difficult baby-daddies to never ending money issues to family custody and legal problems it seems to me that if any show was ever in need of some real and meaningful joy it would be this one.

Well MTV served us up a dose of some of that wonderful medicine with their sneak peek video for next week’s episode.  The entire clip features scenes from Leah Messer and Corey Simms’ wedding day and the whole clip has made my day.  We’ve known for a while that the two tied the knot but actually seeing scenes from the big day makes the moment feel more endearing and concrete.

As a man with a close relationship with my father the scene between Corey and his dad brought just a little bit of a tear to my eye.  He gives Corey an old knife that he carried during the Persian-Gulf War and also shows Corey a picture of the two from when Simms was just a young boy.  His dad said:

“It’s just an old knife but I carried it during the Persian-Gulf War every day I was there.  It’s not a fancy knife but I’ve had it a long time and it means a lot to me.  I love you a lot.  I’m proud of you.  The way you stepped up and took care of your girls and Leah.”

Corey Simms on his wedding day with his dad

Photo of Corey Simms and his dad from Teen Mom2

Leah looked beautiful and nervous just like a bride should.  Sometime pictures say more than words and this is one of those occasions.  So here are some images of Leah, Corey, Ali, Aleeah, friends and family on their big day:

Leah Messer wedding day

Teen Mom Leah Messer on her wedding day

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer's daughters on her wedding day

Leah Messer gets her dress in order for her wedding

I couldn’t be happier for Leah and Corey and their adventure that is starting a family together.  Here is the video as provided by MTV:

Top photo: Splash News (Click here for more of Corey Simms and Leah Messer’s wedding photos)