Teen Mom Leah Messer defends her love for daughter Ali

Leah and Ali Messer

The most recent episode of Teen Mom 2 revealed an extremely emotional moment in the lives of Leah Messer, Corey Simms and their daughter Ali.  As an observant mother Leah noticed that there appeared to be issues with Ali’s development in relation to her twin sister Aleeah.  In response she took Ali to the doctor and discovered that her worst fears may be realized.

Here’s the clip from her emotional visit courtesy of MTV:

If you were unable to catch the clip the Dr. stated after quickly checking Ali that, “It’s obvious there are some deficits.”  He goes on to recommend a full MRI of Ali’s spine as a follow up.  Leah’s heart is torn up and viewers are later shown her call to Ali’s daddy Corey as he too is overcome with emotion at the difficult news.

In a recent comment via her official Twitter page Leah lashed out at what she perceived was an insinuation that she favored Ali’s twin Aleeah.  Here is what the Teen Mom 2 cast member tweeted:

Here’s the full text that extended beyond the length allowed by Twitter:

“I really hateeeee the 16 and pregnant season 3 page!!! How could someone even say I choose Aleeah over Ali.. That’s seriously the most hurtful thing anyone could say!Ugh… Night.”

After a quick check I’m not sure exactly what comment Leah is referring to and when she says season 3 I’m assuming she means 2B of 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom 2’s page.  Either way it’s apparent that Leah has zero tolerance for anyone claiming she plays favorites when it comes to her twin daughters.

While foul-mouthed weed-tokin’ Jenelle Evans is making the most headlines, Leah and Corey’s gradual steps towards reconciliation along with the news about their daughter is quickly becoming the most compelling story line for season 1 of Teen Mom 2.  You can paint me firmly in the corner for the twins’ daddy Corey, who comes across as an honest hard working young man trying to sort out all the ins and outs during a difficult time in his life.

From what I’ve seen so far I would never in a million years question Leah’s devotion to both of her baby girls.  I am hoping for the best for little Ali and her parents while eagerly awaiting the next episode of Teen Mom 2.

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