Teen Mom Jenelle Evans finds out Jace has a brother

16 and Pregnant Jenelle Evans and baby daddy Andrew Lewis

Jenelle Shocker Jace has a brother from OKTeen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is a headline machine – and not in a good way! The latest drama from the Oak Island mama is from OK! magazine, who reveal in their current issue that Jenelle recently found out that her baby daddy Andrew Lewis has fathered another child!

According to Jenelle’s roommate Tylor Mcree, Andrew texted her on March 10 with the message, “I’ve got something for you. I just thought that Jace would like to say hello to his little brother.” Andrew reportedly went on to tell Jenelle that the little boy, named Jacob (Jake) Michael, was born on September 6 and that he was happy to have a son that was all his.

Tylor tells the magazine that the news was hard for Jenelle to take:

“She was very confused and hurt,” says Tylor. “Not only did Andrew go and have another baby with another girl, but he also named that baby Jake, just one letter different from his first son, Jace!”

Of course, all of this is probably moot because Jenelle has pretty much admitted that Andrew is not the father of her son Jace, even though he still reportedly pays $385/month in child support.

16 and Pregnant Jenelle Evans baby daddy Andrew Lewis modeling photo
^ Andrew Lewis from his mythical “modeling days” in New York City

So let that be Jenelle’s daily reminder to all of us that our lives are pretty boring and relatively drama free.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, OK! says that Andrew his currently living with his new family just outside of Orlando, Florida. You can read all the rest of the details about Jace’s new maybe brother in the current issue of OK! magazine, on newsstands now!