TEEN MOM Rachel Beaver’s sister Malorie pregnant again, shares gender reveal

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Malorie Beaver pregnant again

Congratulations to the expanding Beaver family from MTV’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant as Rachel Beaver’s older sister Malorie Beaver confirms that she is currently pregnant by posting a Fourth of July gender reveal video.

Malorie has been dating a young man named Achilles Crowe since last fall, and the two became Facebook official in late January. 22-year-old Malorie recently mentioned being pregnant on social media, but it was unclear if she was being serious or not. She was indeed serious!

Over the weekend, Beaver grandma Steph Polo teased a big announcement from Malorie during a Young and Pregnant Instagram live with other grandmothers from the show. Steph returned to Instagram Live on the evening of July 4th and boasted: “Here comes the surprise, y’all!”

After more than a minute of Steph continually talking abut the pending surprise, viewers are finally treated to a series of fireworks serving as a gender reveal.

The firework colors alternate from pink to blue repeatedly until there is a final burst of multiple explosions that are…. BLUE!

“It’s a boy, b*tch!” Steph can be heard screaming. “We havin’ a boy, b*tch!” Malorie (I assume) can be seen in the darkness as Steph continues to use her outside voice to make sure Malorie knows she is having a boy.

Here’s the full video:

Malorie and Achilles have been very open about their relationship on social media. “You stole my heart from the moment I met you & you mean the absolute world to me,” Malorie wrote to her boo in a Valentine’s Day Instagram post. “You have never even changed a diaper before but chose to help me raise my daughter. For that i will forever will be grateful.”

Malorie and Achilles’ son will join big sister Emerson, who will soon be turning 4. The positive news about the new baby comes less than a month after the tragic news that Emerson’s dad, Lane Fernandez, passed away at just 25 years of age.

Congratulations to Malorie and Achilles! It’s unclear if Malorie’s pregnancy will make it on the most recent season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant that is currently airing on MTV. If not, TV viewers may not get to see it at all given that the show is at serious risk of being canceled due to extremely poor ratings.

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