TEEN MOM YOUNG & PREGNANT Bar and Ashley confirm break up

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Ashley and Bar break up

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant couple Bariki “Bar” Smith and Ashley Jones have had quite the tumultuous relationship history over the years, and it looks like they are broken up yet again. This time, however, it looks like it might be for good!

Bar and Ashley are notorious for sharing not-too-specific tweets that seem to be about each other, before then chastising anyone who jumps to that conclusion. However, it would be pretty difficult for Bar to try wriggle out of this seemingly straight forward question and answer from a fan on Instagram Wednesday:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant dad Bar Smith is single after breaking up with Ashley

Ashley was even more clear about the split in an Instagram comment conversation (more on that in a minute), but she shared her own Instagram update in her story late last night that was more traditionally vague:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Ashley and Bar split Instagram post

These most recent status updates come after a series of social media posts strongly hinting at a split between Holly’s parents. Here are some tweets after something went down on Cinco de Mayo:

BAR: Really got f**ked over and it’s crazy, that’ll only ever happen once, watch what I turn into on y’all

ASHLEY: Rule number 1 to be a boss ass b*tch . NEVER LET A CLOWN NI**A TRY TO PLAY YOU .

BAR: I’m not dumb I’m not stupid and I’m damn sure not game goofy, I know what the f**k going on

BAR: My heart cold, my mind gone, my soul so p*ssed

BAR: Guess it is what it is then ??‍♂️

Ashley traveled down to Los Angeles for the Cardi B Fashion Nova launch party on May 9. Check out this photo of Ashley looking ??? at the fashion bash:


In the comments section of her Instagram post, Ashley was asked about Bar — and she very clearly confirmed that they are no longer together:

COMMENT: What happened to bar ? ??

ASHLEY: what happened to him ?

COMMENT: like are u guys not together

ASHLEY: no we are not ❤️

Things apparently went from bad to worse between Ashley and Bar when she got back home. Here are some tweets from Ashley and Bar on May 11:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Bar and Ashley break up tweets

On May 13, Bar shared another update revealing that he has a new job and new place to live lined up. “Finally gone have my own place within the next two weeks ?? and I hope this job I’m talking to works out which seems like it will ??,” he tweeted.

Fans will be able to see exactly what happened between Bar and Ashley when Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant returns for a new season. Although MTV has confirmed more episodes, there is no indication when the new season might premiere, but stay tuned!

UPDATE – Ashley has since responded to Bar’s string of tweets with her own tweet ‘n’ deletes — and she pulled ABSOLUTELY ZERO punches!

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