Teen Mom 3’s Briana DeJesus argues with Jenelle Evans about fiancé Shoc

Briana DeJesus - Shoc

Let’s hope that Teen Mom 3‘s Briana DeJesus didn’t put any deposits down for a wedding venue… Just days after posting pictures of her stunning engagement ring and bragging about her new man, Shakiel Brown, it looks like the pair isn’t exactly on solid ground.

The first sign of trouble in paradise came on Nov. 14, shortly after Briana declared her love for “Shoc” on Twitter.


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More disparaging tweets followed, including “swear I don’t trust b**chiz,” “WHEN U KNOW AH B**CH LIEN BUT U STILL GUNNA LET HER TELL HER SIDE OF THE STORY” and “THIS B**CH GOT ME F*KED UP I SWEAR.” He added last night that this is going to be a long 18 years, seemingly confirming that Briana is pregnant again.

He also deleted pictures of Briana from Instagram and removed most references to her on Twitter. But then this happened…

Briana DeJesus - Shakiel Brown

Everything on Briana’s side is equally confusing: She deleted her whole Twitter history up until this morning, erasing all mentions and pictures of Shoc — although her profile picture still features him. She also got into a bit of a fight with Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle, who retweeted a story from Teen Mom Truth about Shoc and a picture he shared of a girl doing sexual acts with a dog.

“B**ch U don’t even have custody of UR 1st kid! U have horrible judgment urself so keep UR comments to urself,” Briana tweeted at Jenelle. She added, “I hate this crack head girl always tryna make money off of me.”

Jenelle hasn’t responded, but the Teen Mom 2 writer isn’t backing down: “im not sure who you think I am, but I’m not Jenelle. Your fiancé is disgusting.”

Briana fired back, “UR hiding behind a blog page! UR prbly a fat b**ch who isn’t happy with her life… f**k U! … take a selfie and be proud of it before U come at me side ways!”


Jenelle tweeted, “I made fun of some TM3 chick? Uhm.. When? What’s her name again?”

Leading Briana to say, “my life is straight! I have my daughter with me 24/7! … emotional wreck? I’m as stable as can be jenelle! And a bipolar b**ch who does drugs is ok for kids to be around? ELOHEL”

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