PHOTO Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is responsible for another life

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans new dog a German Shpeherd

Jenelle Evans has got herself an entirely new living thing that she is responsible for nurturing and taking care of.  Barbara!  Has anyone seen Barbara because we need you!?!  Just a little joke there as I’m sure Evans can handle this one.  This new little cutie in Evans’ life is a German Shepherd puppy by the name of Cali.

Jenelle and the administrator of her Facebook Fan Page were kind enough to post a few photos to the page and as you can see the one above is from there.  I encourage you to check out additional pics of the pup here.

She made the following announcement of her additional family member on Saturday.  Here’s what she wrote:

So were all the fans of the page feelin’ Cali?  Man, I don’t think so.  Haters are gonna hate and here are just a few examples of the sarcastic reactions to Jenelle getting a little pup including my Barbara angle dig above:

“Better sign custody of the pup over to your mom! Lmao!”

“guess your mom will be taking care of her too?”

“i like jenelle but yeah -jenelle does not need a GSD. hopefully her nutty mum will take custody of that too, maybe they can do a swap- she can have the kid and the mum takes the dog ??”

“Oh how nice. Are you going to dump her on your mom and neglect her, too?”

“do you beat up your dog too?”

As with most posts on Jenelle’s page the comments devolved into a Facebook shouting match but out of sake of fairness here are a few comments from folks defending Jenelle and her new role as Cali caretaker:

“People bashing her are pathetic!! Seriously when you do it on a fan page all it makes you look like is desprate for attention & suffering from sever boredom! I think its great she’s getting a dog, I was raised with all kinds of animals boas, cats, dogs ( rottweilers ) and a plethora of animals! So get off her back about it… animals are the best additions to a childs life!”

“good for u girl!! dont listen to these haters… their all just jealous.. just do u!!”

“Do you people who are judging Jenelle really know her or are you just going by what you read in the tabloids or see on TV?”

I wonder what the poster child for being a total delper, Kieffer Delp, thinks about the new addition?  And no matter which side of the fence you sit on I think we can all agree that Cali is an awwwwwwwww inducing little cutie puppy pie.