Taylor Swift bought a $4.9 million house close to the Hyannis Port Kennedy Compound

Taylor Swift bought a house Hyannis Port Cape Cod

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are still going strong. Taylor’s been snapped swimming with Conor and his dad Robert Kennedy, Jr., but that’s not all. She’s also reportedly bought a house in Hyannis Port, Cape Cod, next to the Kennedy Compound ( a six acre stretch of beachfront property the Kennedys own.) And it is RIGHT next to The Kennedys, like practically on the Compound itself. Here’s some perspective.

These are some pics of a 7 bedroom, 4,400 sq ft Colonial home with a private beach the songstress supposedly got for a steal. The list price was $13.5 million, but she reportedly snagged it for $4.9 million. That’s a major bargain, but still incredibly expensive by us normal folks’ standards.

The house was built in 1928. Do you think Taylor’s moving too fast?

Taylor Bedroom