MUG SHOT DUI arrest of Crocs™ founder gives Crocs™ haters a reason to rejoice

Mugshot of Crocs founder

The man responsible for arguably one of the most comfortable and worst fashion choices of the last decade got arrested for DUI and dude didn’t go gently into that good cuffs!

Depending on your vantage point George Boedecker is the hero that created Crocs or the villain that created Crocs. The footwear mogul has made a fortune off those shoes and while his feet may have been covered he totally showed his ass during an arrest in Boulder, CO.

Authorities responded to a call Saturday night about a man who was straight up passed out drunk in front of his 2010 Porsche Panamera. When they arrived medics were already on the scene and they stated that Mr. Croc was “drunk as crap.”

Scrambling to find a plausible excuse for creating Crocs concrete-sleeping, George first said that he had pulled over to take a nap but then he changed his story. And man I mean he really changed his story. The Croc-man was ready to pump the cops full of crock!

^These are George’s fault

George realized that maybe it wasn’t in his best interest to insinuate that he was driving considering he was hammered so he told the cops that his “batsh*t crazy” girlfriend was behind the wheel. When cops pressed our man about who this mysterious gal-pal was he told ’em she was a famous singer, as in Taylor Swift. Not so swift thinking George my man.

Now that George had established he was dating Taylor Swift (could you imagine THAT break up song) he proceeded to inform the police that he had “17 f***ing homes,” that he “knew his f***ing rights” and that the arresting officers could kindly, “Go f**k yourselves in the ass.”

So there you go all of you who hate you some Crocs. George has verified your worst nightmares about the kind of man who could bring such a fashion travesty to the world. Oh, and the best part – dude was wearing flip-flops.