Tales of five expectant moms to play out on new WE tv show Pregnant & Dating

Pregnant & Dating

Preparing for a new baby is daunting enough to most soon-to-be-mothers. Throw on top of that the challenge of dating and it’s a recipe… For an interesting series. Seems that’s what WE tv is going for with its new unscripted drama, Pregnant & Dating.

“During each hour-long installment, the spotlight will be on all the drama, conflict and inherent comedy that ensues when these very spirited and single moms-to-be embark on their quest to find Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right Now,” explained WE tv in a statement. “Some have the support of friends and family — others haven’t even shared their happy news. But whether their pregnancy was planned or unplanned, these take-charge mothers-to-be laugh at convention and aren’t going to miss a beat on their quest to have it all.”

As of yet, there are no promotional videos for the show. (It seems one was posted earlier today on WE tv and was later taken down.) Some information is known about each of the show’s leading ladies based on the press release.

Keisha is a music producer in Los Angeles. She’s never been in a relationship with her child’s father and never plans to be. In fact, she hasn’t even told him she’s pregnant… Although staring on a reality show isn’t a great way to keep secrets.

Shana is a professional model and pageant winner. She got pregnant at the same time as her best friend. But unlike the friend, Shana isn’t married. Now they’re setting out to find a good man for Shana. Possible spoiler alert: Based on her Twitter, it seems like she’s found someone special!

Melissa is a LA stylist who has worked with Shakira and Britney Spears. Still, her career ambitions come second to her desire to be a mother. She even tried artificial insemination before getting pregnant with her ex-boyfriend. However, he has since decided to “jet atound the world with another woman,” WE tv teased.

Melissa Pregnant & Dating

^Melissa and a date.

Megan had a little bit too much tequila one night and ended up having unprotected sex. Even though the father wants to be involved, Megan is independent and would rather go it alone. However, based on the show’s title, it seems she’s really just looking to go it with someone other than the biological dad.

Finally, there’s Rachel, the oldest of the bunch. She is expecting twins, but her much younger ex-boyfriend isn’t really in the picture.

As approximately half of mothers spend some portion of their children’s lives as the sole custodial parent, the new theme will certainly be relatable to a large group. Still, others have expressed concern about the themes of the show.

“Did I just see an ad for a new show called #PregnantandDating? What the what? Our society is on the edge. #WeTV come on, really,” wrote one woman on Twitter.

Writes another, “#PregnantAndDating coming soon to We..Those women should have1 priority its not worrying about getting a man.”

Although I think the show sounds interesting, the criticims have some merit. I’m actually wondering whether WE tv is having second thoughts about the whole series, considering it pulled the promo. There’s also no mention of it on the website or Facebook page, even though the press release encouraged looking at the website for sneak peeks, scene pulls and video bios.

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