MUG SHOT HOF: Pompano Beach’s roadside flashing lady Tracy Mabb

Mug Shot Tracy Mabb

That mug shot is Mabbulous!

Where are Crockett and Tubbs when ya need ’em? Things have started coming unglued down in South Florida with the latest roadside insanity to come across my news wire being the above automatic qualifier for the mug shot hall of fame.

What you see is 35-year-old Tracy Mabb after she was arrested for exposing sexual organs in public. Yep, exposing your can will get you canned but Mabb took it next level according to police reports.

At 5:40 on Tuesday she stood at a Pompano Beach intersection and started disrobing. She lifted her lengthy shirt right there in front of pedestrians and drivers and exposed all of her unmentionables. All of them folks. The Broward County court officially stated that she got her flash mob Mabb on in a, “complete vulgar and indecent manner.” I guess that’s different than randomly exposing yourself roadside in a, “classy and well-mannered way?”

Tracy refused to get dressed when asked and later replied, “I don’t give a f**k,” when quizzed about her odd behavior. She’s being held on $600 bond.