T.I. unleashes on Instagram commenters dissing his wife Tiny & soliciting his 16-yr-old daughter Zonnique

T.I. and Tiny Instagram Throwback Thursday photo

Instagram turned into Gangstagram this week after rapper T.I. shared an older photo of him and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle (above) and some of his followers began commenting on how different she looks now – but not in a good way. Adding insult to insult, T.I.’s 16-year-old step-daughter Zonnique posted a photo of herself on the photo-sharing site and someone solicited her for sex, which didn’t make T.I. all that happy either.

T.I. posted the photo of Tiny for “Throwback Thursday” and here are some of the comments, including the negative ones (highlighted in pink) that set him off:

Negative comments about a photo of T.I. and his wife Tameka Tiny Cottle on Instagram

T.I. stepped in with his response (in pink) (the profanity has been pixelated):

T.I. unleashes on Instagram users making negative comments about a photo of his wife Tiny

Things heated up even further when T.I.’s step-daughter Zonnique shared this photo:

T.I.'s step-daughter Zonnique Pullins Instagram photo

Which got this comment from doope_4ever (obviously the F-word has been pixelated):

doope_4evr instagram comment on T.I.'s step-daughter Zonnique's photo

And then this response from T.I.:

T.I.'s angry response on Instagram to someone soliciting his 16-year-old step-daughter Zonnique for sex