SUMMER HOUSE See Stephen McGee’s ‘glow up’ after leaving the show

Stephen Mcgee was on two seasons of Bravo’s Summer House before leaving the series in 2018.

Fans are wondering what the reality star has been up to since, and it looks like a big makeover is part of it!

Who is Stephen Mcgee

Stephen Mcgee was introduced to fans on the first season of Summer House in 2017. During his time on the show he was mostly close with ex-castmates Lauren and Ashley Wirkus.

Mcgee was also close to Carl Radke at the time, but their relationship fizzled and they were unable to mend the break before Stephen was abruptly fired from the show.

While Stephen hasn’t been featured in five years, Radke is still causing drama on the series – which is currently in its seventh season on Bravo.

A fan favorite, Mcgee was a lighthearted addition to an otherwise dramatic cast – Stephen’s confessional interviews were typically funny – borderline sassy- and often featured the star eating snacks which outlines his laidback style.

Fans want to know what Mcgee is up to… and what he looks like now may be a pleasant update to some…

A Summer House glow up

Stephen Mcgee doesn’t want to rejoin Summer House, but that isn’t stopping him from being an influencer – in fact, the 31 year old has a lot of sponsored posts on Instagram and hasn’t been shying away from the online spotlight.

One of the reasons for this could be his ‘glow up.’ Mcgee was always a cutie, but according to his most recent posts he is now a mega hottie.


With a change in hair and style, Stephen is looking hotter than ever… and we cant stop drooling over his IG ‘thirst traps.’

Where are they now

Mcgee, the first openly gay cast member on Summer House, is still friends with the Wirkus twins… which makes us incredibly happy.

He has not appeared to reconcile with Carl however, which is somewhat understandable considering their fallout.

One way he could mend the bridge with Radke is by bonding over sobriety. In 2020, Mcgee announced that he was one year sober… possibly another reason he’s avoiding the series known for it’s intense and over the top parties.

Radke also announced a sobriety milestone this year… causing quite a rift between he and Kyle Cooke, founder of alcohol brand Loverboy.

According to LinkedIn, Mcgee is still in the event planning business and seems to be living his best life! Go Stephen!

Summer House is currently airing Monday nights on Bravo.

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