SUMMER HOUSE Amanda Batula suffers fertility issues

Some sad news from the Summer House. Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke have revealed that some fertility issues are hindering the couple from conceiving…

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke

Amanda and Kyle Cooke are the first official couple to go the distance in the Summer House. Dating since 2015, the two have had a crazy relationship with many ups and downs.

The pair did make it down the aisle in September 2021, an event that was shared with their castmates.

Practically joined at the hip, the Cooke’s founded alcohol brand Loverboy together and currently work for the business which recently lost employee and costar Carl Radke.

While the two have a somewhat tumultuous relationship, we always expected they’d procreate right away. Looks like the reason they haven’t is actually quite sad.

Fertility Issues

Amanda and Kyle are coming clean about some major issues in their family planning process.

Amanda Batula has been suffering from fertility issues while trying to conceive.

Kyle Cooke told US Weekly about the setbacks that the couple is experiencing:

When she went off (birth control), she lost a bunch of weight, but her body didn’t go back to regulating. It was kind of concerning. I think she kind of started to get in her own head as one might when you start wondering like, ‘What are the ramifications here?’”

Also, all the hormonal changes … she was, like, breaking out. And I gave her so much respect because I would’ve been so self-conscious. Her hormones were just going crazy. I just had so much respect because I don’t think I would’ve had the balls [to be on camera]. I was like, ‘Wow, you are a trooper.’”

We wish the best for the Cooke’s and pray they end up with the children they desire!

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