Someone in Congress is messing with Laverne Cox’s Wikipedia page


Looks like Congress has transsexuals on the brain.

That’s the only conclusion to be derived from the strange revelation that a computer tied to a Congressional IP address has made derogatory changes–since deleted–to Laverne Cox’s Wikipedia page.

Apparently the person who did the editing forgot that Wikipedia tracks everything, and that before and after shots of the changes are easily found. Here’s what the page looked like before Congress got involved:




And here’s what it looked like after:




This is arguably the most decisive action we’ve seen Congress take since Terri Schiavo asked for help.

Nor is this the first time someone on Capitol Hill has made transgender changes to Wikipedia articles. The Twitter handle @congressedits is dedicated to tracking all Wikipedia edits made from IP addresses on Capitol Hill, and it’s noted some interesting transgender consistencies over the past few weeks, as first reported by Business Insider.

For example, the article on “Tranny” has been edited at least once to make it sound like gender and sex are the same thing.

And an edit to the article on Camp Trans, “an annual event that protests the exclusion of transgender women from a music festival,” claims that transgender women are not “real.”

Whoever’s posting from this IP address has both been caught before–Mashable notes other, non-trans-related edits that go back to 2009–and banned before. The most recent round of edits has got the address banned from editing Wikipedia for a month.

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