Below Deck Adventure Kyle Dickard arrested for felony bribery EXCLUSIVE DETAILS!

Below Deck Adventure deckhand Kyle Dickard arrest details

Below Deck Adventure deckhand Kyle Dickard has been arrested in Florida and is currently facing multiple criminal charges, including a felony count of attempting to bribe a public servant, after rushing the field during a soccer match.

News of Kyle’s arrest broke thanks to Kyle himself. He boasted on Instagram about the incident that resulted in his arrest in a post that included his own mug shot photo as well as a video of the incident.

In the clip, shirtless Kyle can be seen making his way through the crowd of the Colombia vs. Paraguay match at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday. Kyle is holding a Colombian flag as he jumps out of the stands and onto the soccer pitch, at which point he manages to elude multiple security guards before being tackled to the ground.

“How it started vs. How it ended,” Kyle captioned the video and photo, along with a laughing emoji. “I would of scored if I had a belt on…js,” he added.

Running onto the pitch resulted in a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. It was after Kyle was initially tackled that his “rock star” brashness got him into more serious trouble. Not only did he break free and run onto the pitch again, but his actions resulted in additional fans doing the same!

Starcasm obtained a copy of the arrest affidavit from the incident and we can exclusively reveal some additional details. From the arresting officer’s narrative:

As security attempted to escort the DEF off the field, he was pulling from security and not complying. At some point during the scuffle, the DEF swung his arm to evade security, striking the security guard in the face. Security tackled DEF to the ground and walked him off the field to police.

Police gave the DEF a lawful order to “come over the wall” and grabbed the DEF’s left arm. The DEF pulled his arm away from Police and ran back onto the field where he was tackled by security again.

Below Deck Adventure Kyle Dickard quote about rock star life

Security escorted DEF back off the field while DEF continued to resist their efforts. The scuffle went to the ground. Police attempted to handcuff the DEF where he again resisted by tensing his body and pulling his arms away. The DEF was told to “stop resisting” and “put your hands behind your back”. He continued to resist the officer’s lawful commands, thus impeding the execution of our lawful duties.

The DEF’s direct actions caused the crowd to become unruly, throwing beer cans at security and Police. The defendant’s direct actions also incited several others to run onto the field, further inciting the crowd and breaching the peace.

Kyle’s additional shenanigans resulted in another misdemeanor charge, this time for obstructing justice: resisting an officer without violence. However, Kyle the Bold was not finished.

From the police report:

Once in custody, the defendant made multiple offers to “break off” and pay police officers $300 in exchange for letting him go.

Kyle’s attempt to buy his way out of the arrest resulted in a felony charge of bribery of a public servant.

Below Deck Adventure Kyle Dickard arrested

Kyle was arrested and booked into a Broward County jail just after midnight on Sunday. Kyle posted his $7,500 bond on Sunday and was released. The three charges were officially filed against Kyle on Monday. There is currently no upcoming court dates scheduled.

On a side note, Kyle’s extremely happy mug shot photo is very reminiscent of his near-name-twin, Bachelorette contestant Kasey Kahl, who made headlines with his cheerful booking photo more than a decade ago:

Below Deck Adventure Kyle Dickard happy mug shot photo and The Bachelorette Kasey Kahl happy mug shot photo side by side

What are the odds that Kyle will soon have another, much less happy mug shot like Kasey did?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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