BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Ximena’s secret from Mike is she can’t have more children

Before the 90 Days Mike and Ximena

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Ximena Morales is keeping a big secret from her American boyfriend. Mike Berkowitz has been very open about wanting to have children of his own, but he isn’t aware that will not be a possibility with Ximena.

In a new preview clip shared by TLC (embedded below), Ximena shares her secret on camera with her sister Wendy after having a conversation about her first night with Mike.
Ximena reveals that she and Mike were intimate, and Wendy asks her if she wants Mike to propose. “If Mike proposes to me, of course,” Ximena replies.

Wendy then spills Ximena’s secret with her next question. “Does Mike know that you can’t have kids?” she asks.
Ximena shakes her head. “No.”

The scene cuts to an interview with Ximena and producers. “I know that Mike wants a child, but I can’t have more kids,” she says, before explaining further.

“I suffered a lot with my two deliveries because to have a child by Caesarean is the worst pain a mother could go through. So, I decided to get operated, and they cut my tubes and burned them, so that I definitely couldn’t have more kids.”

The scene returns to the pool where Wendy and Ximena are chatting as Mike swims with her two sons.
“What do you think he’ll say?” Wendy asks.

“I can imagine that it’s going to be a hard blow for him because he’s excited to be a dad,” Ximena replies. “That does hurt me a lot.”

We then hear more from Ximena’s interview:

I know it was a mistake not to tell him the truth earlier, but I wanted him to come to Colombia so we could [meet] each other first, and tell him in person, not on the phone. But I feel super nervous because I feel like I love him. So [it would kill me] if he ended it and left.

“You have to tell him because in a relationship, it’s always important to have trust,” Wendy tells Ximena.
Ximena nods in agreement. “I have to talk to Mike about it. I’ll do it tonight, and I hope Mike understands.”
“Hopefully,” Wendy replies.

To find out if Mike does understand, or if Ximena’s secret turns out to be a deal breaker in their relationship, be sure to tune in for Sunday night’s episode of Before the 90 Days airing at 8/7c on TLC.

Until then, here is the preview clip with Ximena and Wendy to tide you over:

Judging from the comments on the preview clip, Ximena revealing one secret only inspired curiosity about another. Why in the world did she wear a scarf to a swimming pool?

Some theorized that it might be because of a tattoo she wanted to hide from the cameras. However, I did a lot of research compiling our gallery of photos of Ximena’s tattoos and I didn’t see any tattoos around her neck that would have been concealed by the scarf. I’m guessing it’s just poolside fashion for the cameras.

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