VIDEO Robyn is the sister wife Meri always wanted in season finale preview

Sister Wives Meri and Robyn

This Sunday marks the season finale for TLC’s fascinating polygamy themed reality show Sister Wives. In the following preview video the always candid first wife Meri Brown reveals some pretty heart felt emotions in regards to Kody’s latest wife and her relationships with Christine and Janelle.

This season has revolved around the eager anticipation of Robyn and Kody’s first baby together and according to Meri this has brought the two sister wives close. Here’s the sneak peek clip:

Meri says in the clip:

“Robyn and I have become very close. We’ve just got a really good relationship. We’re very, very good friends.” She added about the expected bundle of joy, “I feel a definite connection with Solomon and I don’t know why. I’m really excited to have him come into the family.”

What has driven this show is how genuine the Browns come across in how they discuss and actually confront the complexities and issues of their unique living arrangement. Meri does just that in this clip revealing the fact that her close relationship with Robyn fills a void that she always wanted with Christine and Janelle but never felt.

The season finale will chronicle the birth of baby Solomon who was born back on Oct 26th. You can see pics of the little cutie who is Brown baby #17 here.

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