Shane Victorino Beer Video – Phillies Player Doused In Brew By Cubs Fan

Shane Victorino takes a beer shower courtesy of a Cubs Fan

The big story in the Philadelphia Phillies Chicago Cubs game last night was supposed to be the return of future Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez, making his first major league appearance since last September after signing with the Phillies as a free agent on July 15. But, the headlines shifted when Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino chased a fly ball all the way to the historic ivy wall and an over-zealous Cubs fan dumped his brew, cup and all, on him. Security later removed a fan for the incident, but as the video below reveals, they actually got the wrong guy!

The Flyin’ Hawaiin Shane Victorino is reportedly pressing charges in the incident. I guess the fan will be charged with assault and Labattery? (I would have preferred an American beer reference, but “Labattery” was just too perfect.)

Here are a couple videos of the incident. The first highlights the fact that security guards tossed the wrong dude, but it still has some amazing footage of the dousing. The second is from ESPN SportsCenter.

I’m just glad Victorino is OK. He’s the center fielder on my fantasy baseball team and I’m currently in second place but breathing down the neck of numero uno!

I hope the fan that did this gets some serious punishment. As fun as it is to watch on youtube, it’s a terrible thing to encourage among sports fans.