Is Elisabetta Canalis’ Clooney to Steve-O move a step up or down? You decide!

George Clooney and Steve-O

Other than starring in film the two men you see above have something very personal in common. No. It’s not the Oscars or Golden Globe awards, those would be George Clooney’s. No. It’s not the testicle scars from stapling your own manhood for laughs, that would be Steve-O. Both have recently called Elisabetta Canalis their one and only!

It is no longer speculation as Steve-O and Canalis have been photographed tongue wrestling each other in public. The Jackass star is yet another of the Italian actress’ romances since her 18-month relationship with George Clooney.

I’ve got to ask… Do you think that Elisabetta is stepping it up in the man department with the adventuresome and tattooed Steve-O, or has she fallen down a few notches from the often deemed sexiest man alive?

>Clooney and Canalis photos: WENN

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