Does Amanda Bynes need a conservatorship like Britney Spears?

The most dangerous lady behind the wheel in L.A. County, Amanda Bynes, appears to be on a downward spiral and it has folks, yes even Lindsay Lohan, wondering about her future.

TMZ had some sources a few days back stating that they were concerned about how she’s been acting recently. Among the strange behavior allegedly observed:

• Bynes having strange conversations with herself while at the gym

• Stopping suddenly in the middle of a workout to laugh hysterically

• Having random and long conversations with inanimate objects

Her neighbors feel like the standard portrayal that is circulating of Bynes just being a “pothead” is an incorrect assumption and they fear her problems are much deeper. Further highlighting signs of possible deeper issues is a recent report of the Nickelodeon vet allegedly locking herself in a store dressing room for nearly two hours.

Amanda was shopping at Kin in West Hollywood and employees of the store became concerned when they heard noises every 10 minutes or so but no emerging Bynes. One of the clerks dialed a higher up who drove to the store to try to coax Amanda out. He was unsuccessful as the actress kept insisting she needed more time.

Eventually Amanda emerged from the dressing room and after noticing some paparazzi outside asked an employee to call a cab for her.

According to friends, Bynes is absolutely insistent that she is not having any kind of breakdown and that a conservatorship, like the one Britney Spears was placed under, has not even been considered. She’s also dismissing her upcoming DUI and hit and run cases believing they are bogus.

As for reports circulated that Bynes would be checking herself into rehab… Not so says the sources, as Bynes sees no reason to take that step.

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