SFW VIDEO Watch the Danielle Staub sex tape trailer

Danielle Staub Sex Tape

Only one day away from the June 14th launch of Danielle Staub’s infamous sex tape the Professional whistle wetters over at Hustler have released a preview teaser trailer video of the potential Oscar winning documentary exploring the seedy underbelly of being a divorced real housewife with a criminal record of New Jersey!

“Do you think we could do it some time in the laundry room?”

Teresa Guidice’s vitriolic, table-flipping description of Danielle as a “Prostitution Wh0re” in the dramatic Season One finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is beginning to look more and more like journalism than libel! Maybe Danielle realizes that the show can’t continue when four of its cast members refuse to interact with the other and she’s trying to use her 15 minutes to launch a career in the adult film industry. Good luck with that.

I may be mistaken, but isn’t a “staub” something you throw horseshoes at? Sounds about right to me.

Head on over to DanielleStaubRaw.com and help a poor girl out!