Brigitte Daguerre issues statement about Jesse James scandal

Brigitte Daguerre

Alleged mistress number three of Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, Brigitte Cindy Daguerre, has issued an official statement on her blog at

This mess was a series of unfortunate events I deeply regret, one of which was confiding in someone I thought was a friend. It was blown way out of proportion by the tabloid media who has threatened and tried to coerce me into saying things that are untrue.

I deeply regret my involvement & have nothing to say other than this statement.

Most of what I’ve read & heard is totally untrue or wildly exaggerated. People I never spoke with are quoting me saying things I never said.

Jesse & I were friends, he was never at my home, he never paid for my home, & he never gave me any money and at no time was I his mistress. I also did NOT, & would never, say how someone was in bed. This report that I said he was a “dud” in bed is a blatant lie!

I’ve had a few offers for thousands of dollars to tell my story but I have turned the money down. I did some modeling work when I was much younger but I’m not a model anymore & do not want the Media’s attention.

I also would like to offer my deepest personal apologies to all parties involved for any pain the media’s portrayal and exaggerated claims of me has caused.

~Brigitte Daguerre

How’s that for class?

I did an in-depth post about Brigitte’s background last week and uncovered all sorts of fascinating details about her, including: she was a model for painter Olivia de Berardinis and photographer Ken Marcus, she is a skilled photographer and web designer, she runs a clothing store in California and she is the great-niece of the inventor of modern commercial photography, Louis Daguerre! Needless to say, I was greatly impressed and said so in the article.

One of Brigitte’s friends saw the post and forwarded a link to Brigitte to “cheer her up,” and she was kind enough to leave a comment. We’ve exchanged a couple emails since and I really can’t say enough about how much I admire her sincerity and strength. I wish her all the best and encourage all you women, boyfriends and husbands out there to visit her great vintage clothing store at – let’s see if we can’t work a little tabloid alchemy and turn some of her lead into gold!

Oh, and on a hilarious side note, the photo posted by TMZ and Radar Online claiming to be Brigitte out shopping is actually her mom! (Pretty hot mom, no?)

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