90 DAY FIANCÉ Sam and Citra relationship timeline, Sam with Citra’s family

90 Day Fiancé Sam and Citra

90 Day Fiance Season 10 couple Sam and Citra will FINALLY make their debut in Episode 9, which premieres later tonight. However, fans don’t have to wait for the couple’s first appearance on TLC to catch up on their relationship timeline!

Let’s start with the couple’s official bio from the TLC press release announcing the new season:

Citra (26, Indonesia) and Sam (30, Missouri)

Sam and Citra met through a dating app two years ago and on his first visit to Indonesia to meet Citra, he proposed. Before they can marry, Sam must receive her father’s blessing and the family’s acceptance. Time is not on their side as Citra and her father will travel to the US to meet Sam so they can get the official blessing, but they have less than two weeks before her father travels back to Indonesia.

Will Citra’s family allow her to commit to Sam after learning about his sordid past and background or will her father take her back home with him? The clock is ticking on this love story.

As revealed in a preview clip, a huge part of Sam and Citra’s story line will be the fact that he has suffered from drug addiction issues in the past.

Sam says in the intro clip that he first got addicted to opiates when he was 15 years old. His life was a shambles until he finally got sober at the age of 22. He says he has relapsed “a few times” over the past ten years, but meeting Citra has been a huge motivation for him to stay clean.

[Note: I checked Missouri court records and didn’t see any arrests for Sam, just several traffic citations. However, his last name is Wilson, so there may have been cases I was unable to find because they did not include his middle names. UPDATE – As Sam revealed on the show, he was arrested for drug possession. We have exclusive details and mug shot photo from the arrest.]

If you watched the preview above, you might have noticed that Sam’s timeline and the timeline in the official bio is a little off. The bio states that Sam and Citra “met through a dating app two years ago,” but Sam says in the video that it was “over three years ago.”

Citra backs up Sam’s timeline in an Instagram post she shared in June of 2021. “I never thought I’d find the right person when I was so broken,” Citra captioned a gallery of photos of herself and Sam together. “Hard to trust people when you got hurt so many times,” she added. “But god has plans for me, I met this amazing guy on an app in December 2019 where I wasn’t looking for anything.”

Citra’s account of how their relationship developed lines up with Sam’s in that they quickly became close friends, but the bond turned romantic later on.

The photos of Citra and Sam were taken when they first met in person in Indonesia in June of 2021. Based on Citra’s Instagram posts, the two were together there from roughly June 3 through June 11.

Soon after the couple met, Sam proposed, and Citra said “Yes.” Here is Citra’s proposal photo gallery posted on June 9:

In August of 2021, Citra reflected on her Bali trip and mentioned her strict parents.

“It was the best time in my life,” Citra wrote on Instagram. “I didn’t expect to be allowed to go on holiday together because I have strict parents.” Citra added that usually she would have needed to “sneak out” or tell her parents she was going with friends they know.

Citra them seemed to reveal that Sam stayed at her house before the trip to Bali:

This time I didn’t have to lie to them because they trusted him as long as he was Indonesian and he lived at my house so that made his relationship with my parents closer and finally they trusted him for a holiday together. God’s plans are always beautiful at the end 🥺✨❤️

There are several videos and photos of Sam with Citra’s family in her stories, and it seems Sam and Family Citra hit it off REALLY well! Check out Citra’s caption on this collection of photos:

90 Day Fiancé Sam with Citra's family

Just in case you had any doubts about the affinity Citra’s family has for Sam, she posted a video of Sam leaving Indonesia at the airport that included a long hug between Sam and her dad. “You can tell how much my dad loves him,” Citra wrote. “He loves Sam more than me lol. My family loves him.”

90 Day Fiancé Sam with Citra's dad

The couple’s bio teases some potential issues with Sam getting the blessing of Citra’s father because of Sam’s “sordid past and background.” I assume Sam will reveal to Citra’s dad that he has had drug addiction issues, and this will be what puts the potential blessing at risk.

So, it appears as though Sam first visited Citra’s home beginning on or around June 3. In another story clip posted on June 6, Sam and Citra look to be on an airplane. I am guessing this is their trip from Citra’s hometown to Bali.

When did Citra get her K-1 visa?

Citra shared a photo of her K-1 visa on April 13, 2023. Here is her lengthy caption after being translated via Google and tweaked a bit:


“Honestly, don’t you think that you still have this dream of actually being rich and moving to America? I’ve always imagined that going to America would be a good time, but I just kept imagining what the atmosphere there would be like. I didn’t expect it to start from just reinstalling a dating app when I was bored at work, but instead I met an American soul mate 🫣.

“Even though in the past I wanted to find my soul mate from Germany or the Netherlands. Europe is not that far and the tickets aren’t very expensive, right? But God said otherwise. The more I pursued looking for a soul mate from that continent, the further away the match was.

“I’ve been with Americans several times before, but never for long — at most 2-3 months because the time difference is 13 hours. Who’s awake here at night and there in the morning?

“I never thought that God would give me the answer to all my prayers by sending someone from America, which I really avoided. But, after meeting Sam, everything changed completely. He was willing to work the night shift so he could chat with me…he always put me first, no matter what, literally. That’s why I’m so grateful to have him. I’m the luckiest. I finally found someone who loves me back and put all the effort into our relationship.

“The very, very long journey for this visa process is finally finished. It takes extra patience, a really true partner, and a healthy relationship for this visa process because it takes so long. Rarely anyone wants to wait and be that patient for almost 2 years to overcome the long distance. Everything was so easy and everything came to us at the perfect time. I can’t wait to start our new journey and new chapter in our life without the distance 🫶🏻”

There’s a bit of a gap in Sam and Citra’s timeline after she posted about receiving her K-1 visa. That would make sense because they would have been filming during this time for 90 Day Fiancé.

A K-1 visa is valid for 6 months, so Citra would have been able to travel to the United States up until mid-October. Once she arrived in the US, that is when the 90-day timer starts.

Citra shared a post about missing her cat “already” on August 30, so I assume she was already in the United States at that time. She posted a photo of her US flight itinerary (with no dates, just times and locations) on August 19. So, it is safe to assume she arrived some time in late August.

Citra was in Sam’s hometown of Cameron, Missouri on Halloween. She shared a gallery of photos on October 31, 2023 with Sam and some of his family. In the very first image you can see that Sam is enjoying being able to grab Citra’s booty, which he loves so much:

An August arrival for Citra would certainly help explain why Sam and Citra were such a late addition to the show this season. The fact that she was still in Missouri in late October seems to reveal that Sam was able to get the approval of Citra’s father. If Sam didn’t get approval, then it’s clear Citra’s father didn’t take her back with him to Indonesia.

Citra regrets moving to the US?

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Citra got very emotional as she talked about what she was going through emotionally after arriving in the United States. The message was written on top of a photo of Citra’s cat:

90 Day Fiance Citra regrets moving to the United States?

In case the image is difficult to read, here is the text [with a few edits]:

“I wish there was a time machine. I want to go back to that time where I shouldn’t take this opportunity that messed up every important moment in my life that I’ve dreamed of this whole time. I will regret it for the rest of my life because everything is ruined.

“I didn’t had a chance to say goodbye to my friends when I went to leave, I barely had time to say goodbye to my grandparents. I didn’t have a chance to go to my mom’s grave before I left. My big family fell apart. We used to be close before. We could’ve done everything in Indonesia if we didn’t get brain washed and do everything by our own and cherish every moment and not get ruined and rushing and I wouldn’t be so depressed here.

“I cried a lot because I feel homesick because I feel there is a lot of unfinished business that I [needed to get] done before I started my life in another country. But I’m lucky that I have amazing second family here that care about me and love me, and I’m lucky to have Sam because he is the best person on this earth. He handles me so well whenever I feel homesick and sometimes I cry a lot. He’s always got my back.

“If you guys have a time machine let me know I’d love to order one lol.”

To see how Sam and Citra’s relationship plays out, be sure to tune in for new episodes of 90 Day Fiancé airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC!

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