Ryan Gosling regrets face tattoo: meanwhile Ryan Cabrera regrets getting a tattoo of Ryan Goslings’ face

Ryan Cabrera's Ryan Goslin tattoo

Hey girl, before you think about going through with that Ryan Gosling face tattoo or getting a tattoo like Ryan Gosling had on his face in The Place Beyond the Pines, just know that ya’ might end up with inkers’ remorse.

In a recent interview with Movifone, actor Ryan Gosling discussed all the tattoos that appear on his bad boy character, Luke, from Pines. He was all in with the rough visage the body art implied, but has since balked on the decision to have the (temporary) face tattoo, seen above, that shows a knife dripping with blood.

Gosling said:

In the beginning, we were trying to make it a portrait of someone who obviously lived a life making bad decisions. We were trying to get the most bad tattoos of all time. And then I went too far with the face tattoo and was embarrassed. I said to Derek that I really wanted to get rid of it. I felt a lot of shame for having gone too far and for making a decision that was careless that might ultimately affect the movie. I was so ashamed that that shame lived with me on set, as I had to wear that stuff around.

Ultimately this decision became a plus as Gosling believes it helped him understand his character and to bring that sense of shame to the set daily.

Looking in the mirror, seeing it on film. It was humiliating, and I feel like that was something inherent to the character, and probably something that I couldn’t have acted.

Speaking of Ryan Gosling tattoos and probable regret and shame, the Ryan Gosling face tat you see above (left) was revealed on the leg of Ryan Cabrera as he made the red carpet before a live appearance at the Hyde Bellagio Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday.


Cabrera, probably best known for dating Ashlee Simpson and Audrina Patridge, explained why on Earth he has Gosling’s mug on his body during an interview with Lance Bass on the Sirius XM radio show Dirty Pop last month:

“Me and my buddy, we go in [the tattoo parlor] and he chooses one thing off the wall for me, then I choose one thing for him. You can’t see it until after it’s done and then we unveil them at the same time. The only rules are that it can’t be religious and it can’t offend anybody.”

Well, that’s one way to get your body art on I suppose!

Top Photo: STARPICZ / Splash News |  StClair/Massie/Splash News