Ridiculousness star Chanel West Coast’s music video for “I Love Money”

Ridiculousness Chanel West Coast Karl music video

Chanel West Coast (real name Chelsea Chanel Dudley) became famous as the sexy good-hearted gal with a great sense of humor and infectious laugh alongside Rob Dyrdek as both his receptionist on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and his co-host on Ridiculousness. But before she was ever on MTV, Chanel was a rapper, and last week the 24-year-old dropped a brand new music video for her single “I Love Money!”

(If you look closely you’ll notice Chanel’s Ridiculousness co-star Rob Dyrdek makes a cameo in the video, as does rapper Mac Miller, who was a guest host on Ridiculousness this season.)

Ridiculousness Chanel West Coast I Love Money

As much as Chanel professes to love money in the song, she wants her fans to know that the cash is just a means to an end. “Just so you all know even though my song is ‘I Love Money’ well I intend to be a philanthropist when I make my money and helping other people in need and making the world a better place,” she wrote on Facebook. “It isn’t all about the brands…I am not going to kid I like brand names who doesn’t, but I believe when you make it big enough you should give back!!! Who is with me on this?”

She echoed those sentiments on Twitter by writing, “#ILoveMoney is about gettin money but my goal isn’t just to buy a PJ & a yacht. My goal is to change the world. I wanna be like Bono & Oprah” Sounds like Chanel West Coast needs to change her name to Chanel Worldwide!

If you like “I Love Money” then be glad because there are more Chanel West Coast tunes on the way soon with her mixtape Now You Know, due out in June. “I’m only getting started people,” Chanel tweeted. “The music is just gunna get hotter n hotter with every new song #NowYouKnow”

And speaking of hotter and hotter, how about some more gratuitous photos of Chanel West Coast from the hotness aficionados at Maxim?

Chanel West Coast Maxim photo

Ridiculousness Chanel West Coast bikini photo

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