RHOC Are Dr. Jen and her husband Ryne still together?

Dr. Jen Armstrong’s marriage to Ryne Holliday has been put to the test in front of cameras on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. Their main problems seem to stem from the fact that Jen is always working at her medical spa, so she rarely spends time with her husband and children, which has led to a huge disconnect. Jen also feels like she’s not getting enough validation and emotional support from her husband. At one point Ryne actually left the house but returned later to work things out. Are the couple still together after all this turmoil?

Are Jen and Ryne still together?

On the show, a conversation between Jen and Ryne went sideways when Jen was asking him for some affirmation and praise for the hard work she’s been putting in. This led Ryne to get frustrated and frankly he seemed to be shutting down because the conversation was being filmed. We soon here from Jen that he packed his bags and left the house that night. He came back, but was angry with Jen, and left again. Jen says she felt really alone, a feeling she also felt when a pain from her leg tumor was flairing up while in vacation in Cabo. She called Ryne to get some encouragement, but he words lacked the empathy she was seeking.

In February 2022, Jen revealed to Page Six that she and Ryne had completely separated for a time after filming ceased for the season. They actually lived apart for a while, and Jen says it was her decision. The time apart, however, brought them back together.

“Sometimes I think you need to get a little shaken up before you really appreciate the other person,” she said.

Has the show helped or hurt Dr. Jen and Ryne’s marriage

Jen has also explained to The Daily Dish that having her marriage filmed and examined on the show has possibly been beneficial to helping their marriage get through a rough patch. “It first hurts, and then helps,” she said. “There’s nothing like a microscope and 40 cameras on your relationship to shake it up.”

She’s said a similar thing to ET Online: “I think it’s very cathartic to be on the show,” she says. “It’s almost like it puts this magnifying glass on things in your life … and it’s an opportunity to fix it and address it. So it got worse with Ryne before it got better, but in the end it did actually help. It was more healing.”

Still, this is all from Jen’s perspective. We haven’t heard much about what Ryne really thinks or feels about living life on TV. Ryne, who works in luxury vacation planning, has taken down his Instagram account after their marriage problems started heating up on the show.

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