Return To Amish’s Sabrina High is single, currently dating women

Breaking Amish Sabrina High gay or bisexual

Original Breaking Amish cast member Sabrina High is actually a former Mennonite, but judging from her recent announcement on Facebook, she is now a practicing Womennonite as she reveals she has broken things off with boyfriend (and father of her daughter Oakley) Harry Kreiser III and she is currently “casually seeing various beautiful women!”

The announcement came last week, which was LGBT pride week. Here’s the full announcement from Sabrina:

In honor of pride week, I decided I wanna be honest with everyone and let y’all know that no, I don’t have a boyfriend anymore, but I have been casually seeing various beautiful women 🙂 True love is a gift from God Himself ♥ Judge me all you want, but you will not ruin my happiness… I’ve learned to look at people as souls instead of whether they are male or female. And as always, Oakley is my #1 priority, and I will teach her to love everyone regardless of who they are or where they come from.

God is love ♥

Sabrina later added, “Everyone can form their own opinions.. like I stated above I have started to view people as souls instead of male or female…which means idc if you’re a girl or a boy that’s not important to me what’s important is what’s on the inside.”

Sabrina’s Return To Amish cast mate Chapel Peace returned the Facebook support favor (after Sabrina slammed rumors that Chapel was faking her cancer for the show) and wrote, “I stand behind you 100% love is love….”

Fans of the show will know that this isn’t the first time one of the female Breaking Amish cast has admitted to “swimming in the lady pond” as Kate Stoltzfus famously went on a date with another young woman during the show’s second season in Florida.

Sabrina High's daughter Oakley and boyfriend Harry Kreiser III
^ Sabrina High, daughter Oakley and ex Harry Kreiser III

Meanwhile, it appears as though things are relatively amicable between Sabrina and Harry — but the same cannot be said for Harry and some guy named Joel, who has apparently provided Sabrina and daughter Oakley a place to stay. Check out this incensed post from Harry in which he references his past arrest for domestic violence against Sabrina in September of 2012 — something he insists was a one-time mistake and something he has since moved on from:

Oh and Joel how the hell did you get sh*t on? Because you lent her money? Last I checked everyone does that out of kindness and good faith, not entitlement. We just separated and took a break cuz we don’t need to put Oakley through a bunch of sh*t. That is the grown-up thing to do.

Just because we separated and you lent her a little money, and apparently in your mind that makes you her boyfriend, doesn’t give you any entitlement to the P*ssy! No matter how bad you want it. That would be the only way that you would be getting sh*t on and your not even anywhere close to knocking on that door so just drop it.

I have always tried to be nice to you because Sabrina chooses to be friends with you but that comment was enough and it’s time for me to open my mouth and stick up for Sabrina. I don’t know what you think that makes you continue to hold a grudge against me but the bullsh*t needs to stop and stop now.

We have a kid together and we are forever linked to each other. Sabrina is a big girl and she is really smart. If she chooses to hang out with me and do things together as a family, which there is nothing wrong with that and I find it respectable, then that is absolutely her grown up decision to make. She doesn’t owe you any explanations for anything seeing that she isn’t your girl nor are you her man and unfortunately for you I will always be more of her man than you will ever be no matter what happens.

Now you can continue to judge me by a really bad night where I was weak and not myself and you can stay stuck living in my past and be blind to the fact that I am longer that person because thats the easy way out and judging by your weight thats the path you travel often. Or you can grow up like I have done and get to know the guy I really am, not the guy in a one sided newspaper article and police report, and the guy who constantly is working to be a better man for everyone, especially baby Oakley who deserves 10,000 times my best.

You could also stop harassing Sabrina by texting her every day several times a day whether she answers you or not, which is just plain creeper status!! Also falling asleep In her bed In her room before she got home when you gave her a place to stay is mega creepy too!! Did you really think she would climb into bed next to you like you were the greek god Adonus or something? ?? If she wanted to talk to you every day she would text you first Bub.

Also she don’t owe you a damn thing in return cuz she gave you that sweet $300 air mattress thats covered in our sex stains. Your welcome by the way and sweet dreams to that vivid mental picture!!!!

Whoa! I hate to admit it, but I wish the TLC cameras were rolling on this! But who knows, maybe they were. Tune in to new episodes of Return To Amish Sunday nights at 10/9c.

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