RETURN TO AMISH Sabrina loses custody of daughter Oakley again?

Return To Amish Sabrina with daughter Oakley

Just when it looked as though Return To Amish star Sabrina High was getting her life on track, a recent tragic incident may have thrown her back into chaos. Although details are still sketchy, it appears that Children and Youth Services have once again taken Sabrina’s daughter Oakley from her — but not because of issues with Sabrina’s sobriety. Oakley was reportedly taken away after a friend of Sabrina’s named Jason had a heart attack in her car and later died.

Sabrina shared news of her friend’s passing on August 19 on Facebook with a link to his obituary. She later shared a post that was the first indication that Jason’s death may have somehow led to Oakley being taken away from her. In the heartbroken post, Sabrina seems to suggest that it was a particular person responsible for getting CYS involved, although she does not specify exactly who it was. Here is her full post from August 26:

You said I was family to you. I guess I’m really not. I should have known better than to believe you and trust you. Deep down inside of your heart, you know that I would never hurt a fly. I’m not capable of being a vindictive, cruel type of person. Everyone that truly knows me, knows this. You know, having a family is the only thing I ever truly wanted. Growing up the way that I did, I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. And so having a family of my own made my dreams come true. And now, you say I don’t deserve to have my family because of “choices” that I’ve made. I’ve made so many good choices you would think that you would understand that I’m not always going to be perfect. Sometimes when we make choices we don’t even realize that we are making them. I didn’t. Had I known that this was going to happen, I would have never in a million years made that choice. However, Jason was like family to me. And, at least, his last few moments were around the people that he loved. I’ve realized now that no matter what I do or don’t do, it will never be considered good enough. I don’t know why, or how, you feel entitled to do these things to me. I guess some people find pleasure in hurting others simply because of their own pain. Inflicting that pain on others makes them feel like they are vindicated. What are you going to do after you have successfully destroyed my family? Are you going to destroy me then too? I can’t believe I was so stupid. I guess I’m too stupid to have a family. I get that you are better than me I get it. But how am I to give you what you want when what you want I cannot give? I feel like Abraham must have felt in the Bible. When God asked him to sacrifice his only son.

Return To Amish Sabrina loses custody of daughter daughter Oakley again?

After that post, Sabrina remained relatively quiet on social media until a series of tweets last night. Here are most of her interactions regarding the recent development with Oakley:

TWEET: How is this fair? Friend has heart attack in [Sanbrina]’s car so they took Oakley away again. #ReturnToAmish #BreakingAmish

SABRINA: thank you for understanding my pain. I can’t hardly even talk out loud right now the pain is too intense.

SABRINA: all I can do is write and even that is hard. Now grieving the death of my friend and the loss of my baby all over again

SABRINA: No matter what happens I have the power to remain clean. Using will just make everything worse. Please pray for me.

SABRINA: I appreciate all the calls and messages. I will call everyone back when I can actually talk instead of sob. Thank you for not giving up.

TWEET: yes, sorry about your friend also. Was a double edged sword this time around. So they still have not returned her?!

SABRINA: nope. I have court Sept 7

SABRINA: check out Judge Ronnie Davis. He is going to be helping me with this situation.

TWEET: why did you have a drug user in your car with your baby

SABRINA: he wasn’t a drug user. I’m not that stupid.

TWEET: then why would they tske your baby makes no sense


TWEET: hope its all sorted out soon, keep yourself together you wanna be clear with those ppl

SABRINA: thank you. I ain’t hanging out with nobody period anymore it’s not safe esp if people just up and die. Sounds shitty I know but have to protect myself and my daughter FIRST.

TWEET: i like you on the show i think your determined to stay clean, get an education get a job you like and be a gappy family

SABRINA: I want to be an advocate for other parents whose kids get taken. Do you know anything about what to go to school for for that?

TWEET: be a social worker you know the bad side, you know a user when you see one help protect the kids & get the parents straight

SABRINA: lol I doubt cys will want to ever see me again after this. I used to want to be a foster mom and now I’m on the other side ugh

TWEET: your wrong, once your drug tested and the situation is resolved she will be home and you can get going on your life

SABRINA: they have drug tested me multiple times n I’ve been clean every single time.

SABRINA: was just told by lawyer to stop tweeting about it I’m sorry

TWEET: its ok i understand be strong there are alot of us praying for you

As we have stated many times before, we here at Starcasm are #TeamSabrina, and our thoughts are certainly with her through what must be an unimaginably painful and stressful ordeal. (And let’s not forget that Sabrina is currently pregnant.) From her responses on Twitter it sounds as though she is doing all of the right things, which includes keeping sober and supportive people around her, and doing whatever her lawyer says. I know the time until September 7 must seem like an eternity, but it will be here soon enough. So, Sabrina: stay strong and stay sober!

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