Nikkole Paulun welcomes baby girl, posts stunning birth photo

Nikkole Paulun birth photo daughter Ellie Jade 2015

Former 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun welcomed her daughter Ellie Jade earlier today, and, soon after, she posted this STUNNING photo of Ellie: just as she was born, crying, with her umbilical cord still attached!

The photo was captioned simply “SHE’S HERE!” with a big red heart.

Not long after the photo above was posted, Nikkole shared another picture of her holding Ellie, along with Ellie’s dad Ryan Rice:

Nikkole Paulun baby Ellie Jade and dad Ryan Rice

“We love her so much already!” Nikkole wrote.

(I need a moment – that photo at the top still has me in awe.)

The social media-savvy Nikkole was updating fans throughout her pregnancy, and the last couple days were no exception. Here is a timeline of what happened from her various social media accounts:

She’s trying to break free! One more day baby girl!

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Bags are all packed! Lyle can NOT wait for his little sister to be here! #8hourstillinduction #elliejade

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And from Facebook:

July 4 at 7:20PM – “Less than 12 hours until I’m induced! I’m so nervous/excited all at the same time. Praying I have a quick & safe delivery!”

July 5 before 6AM – “It’s baby day! Wish me luck! — at ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital.”

Also from Facebook:

July 5 around noon – Water is broken & I’m dilated to a 3 🙂 Walking & bouncing to get to a 4 so I can get the epidural! My contractions are 2 1/2 mins apart and are giving me no mercy 🙁

She’s here!!!

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We love her so much already! ❤

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Congratulations to Nikkole! And a huge thanks to her for sharing so much, especially given all of the negativity she has received online since announcing her pregnancy.

UPDATE – More from Nikkole:

Thank you for all the congratulations! I’ve been so overwhelmed all day that I’ve hardly had time to even check my phone. Me & Ellie are doing amazing! I’ll post all her stats and photos tomorrow after we’ve recovered some more 🙂

Ellie Jade Paulun. Born 7/5/15 at 6:34 PM. Weighing 7 lbs 6 oz and 21 in. long! Absolutely perfect

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