REPORT Farrah Abraham to be on Celebrity Big Brother UK

Farrah Abraham Celebrity Big Brother UK

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has reportedly signed on to bring some “sex appeal” to the sixteenth season of the UK’s super-popular Celebrity Big Brother reality series. The report seems to conflict with statements Farrah made on the “Shane and Friends” podcast a couple of weeks ago when she revealed that she is going to be on “one of the biggest UK shows” before responding the Shane’s guess that it was Big Brother by saying, “I would think something bigger than that.”

“Bosses want the show to be more X-rated,” a source told The Sun. “She’ll add real sex appeal.” Farrah would be the latest in a string of US celebrities to live in the Celebrity Big Brother house including Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, The Situation, Perez Hilton, and Courtney Stodden.

The Sun followed up their report with a “Six things you need to know about Farrah Abraham” article, which they really teased this way on Facebook:

The Sun Farrah Abraham Celebrity Big Brother UK

However, the report has yet to be confirmed, and as I mentioned above, it would appear to be news to Farrah as of two weeks ago. Here is the full conversation with Shane Dawson from the “Shane and Friends” podcast (which, if you missed, you DEFINITELY need to check out! Click here for transcript highlights and the full audio!) in which Farrah clearly thinks she is set to star in a UK show that is not Big Brother:

Farrah is asked what she is working on and what fans can expect to see coming up. She says she is going to be on two upcoming shows, one of which is on E!, which I assume is in reference to her reported appearance on the upcoming season of Botched. As far as the other one:

FARRAH: I’m just going to have to let you guess on this because it’s so not OK for me to talk about it. It’s going to be one of the biggest UK shows.

SHANE: No! Oh my God! No!?!

Shane then tries to find out if it is Celebrity Big Brother UK that Farrah is talking about, but the effort is lost on Farrah (and Jessie for that matter):

SHANE: I have a big brother named Jared…He is my favorite big brother, I watch him every summer.

JESSIE (co-host): Are we talking about Subway?

FARRAH: Is he on — he’s Subway! Subway, eat fresh. No, Froco’s not like Subway, but…

SHANE: Well, if you were to drop your boyfriend and get with my brother Jared then technically you would be on my “big brother.” Is that how that works?

FARRAH: I’m not getting on your big brother!

SHANE: You’re not?

FARRAH: I have a boyfriend! I don’t know what’s twisted, incestual sh!t this is…

SHANE: I don’t think she’s catching it. Never mind…I was trying to guess. Big Brother UK. That’s my favorite show of all time.

FARRAH: No. I mean, I would think something bigger than that.

SHANE: What’s bigger than that?

FARRAH: I don’t know. Maybe its something new that you just haven’t heard of that’s bigger.

Farrah has yet to confirm or deny the Celebrity Big Brother report since The Sun‘s story was published.

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