PHOTOS Farrah Abraham in lingerie at her sex toy release party

Farrah Abraham in  lingerie at her Topco sex toy launch party

No matter what your opinion is of former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, you have to admit she sure stays busy! Earlier this month was the release of her first of three erotic novels, and last week we broke the news that she will be opening her own restaurant, Froco Fresh Frozen, in Austin, TX on October 1. Next up on the Teen Momtrepreneur’s packed schedule, all while having to deal with her restaurant’s website getting hacked mind you, was last night’s official release party in California for her much-publicized line of sex toys from Topco!

The 23-year-old former reality star and mother of one wore a revealing black strap lingerie outfit as she posed on the black carpet with some of her custom-molded toys at the 340 Nightclub in Pomona. (The pictures with the toys and Farrah’s interactions with them are a little too graphic for us to post here, but let’s just say there was a peace sign as well as licking involved.) Farrah also posed with a cake, and thankfully we have a SFW photo of that for you:

Farrah Abraham cake

After the party got started, Farrah took some pictures with excited fans (on the other side of rail) while holding a champagne glass:

Farrah Abraham boob job

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham sex toy launch party

In case you missed it, Farrah’s sex toy line was made from molds created from her actual body parts — a process that was captured in a making-of that went viral back in September.

I’m guessing Farrah will now be returning to Austin where she can turn her attention from dildo to froyo as she prepares for Froco Fresh Frozen’s grand opening October 1! (I assume she will need to find another outfit for that.)

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